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Come out of the fear that your child would never be able to make it

The biggest fear of parents is that their kids would never be able to live an independent life. If you do not let them face the world on their own, they may never learn to survive. Parents must make sure that they make their kids self-dependent and self-reliant. Try to:

Analyze current scenario

It is important to know whether your kids really want to get a source of income or not. If they have tried but luck does not favor them then at least they have hope of success. It may be so that your child is not ready to take the responsibility or does not want to do so intentionally. It is quite easy to take some steps further when you understand the situation and know what to do next. Parents must not force their kids but make them aware of the possibilities.

Let them handle their own problems

Try to look at the bigger perspective. Your kids are not kids anymore, they have turned into full-grown adults who have to take care of themselves and support you. If you do not let them try, they may not be able to take care of themselves. Your kids are as capable as you are, they only need to try their level best and make their own mark. Those parents who do not let their kids handle their own problems often keep them from moving on in life.

Plan their future along with them

When kids grow up parents cannot take the liberty to plan their future without them. It becomes necessary to involve them in every decision that concerns them. If you do not ask their opinion, they may not be able to relate with it or may find it hard to live up to your expectations. Parents must discuss all the possibilities with their kids and help their kids make wise decision in life. This is the best way to keep yourself fully informed and to encourage your kids at the same time.

Share your similar experiences

When you see your kids struggling with the idea of making their own identity in the world your must come for rescue. Share your experiences with them and motivate them to try harder. Tell them that they must take learning from their failures and make an effective use of that learning. Parent must enlighten their kids with the harsh realities of life as soon as they can understand. Make it clear that they eventually have to make their living themselves. When kids get to know that all have to go through the phase of uncertainty, they feel confident about themselves.

Keep the parents in you a step away

When parents do not allow their kids to go out there and try their luck they become dependent upon them and fail to make their own identity. You must let your kids face the realities of life and do not look at each situation always as a parent. Over protective behavior may prove harmful at times. When you do not fulfill their needs and motivate them to work, they have to find a way out. Each one of us has to go through a rough phase in life full of uncertainties.

You must understand the fact that you may or may not be able to fulfill their needs in future. To turn them into confident human beings you must motivate them to sharpen their skills and try their level best to be self-dependent. Nothing will make you happier than the fact that your kids are no longer dependent upon you.


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