Coloring the eyebrow—the hottest 2015 style

Oh, pretty eyebrows! It seems women are more interested in their eyebrows other than the other features of their face, and why not, after all brows are those arch that give their face a superb look. It takes plucking and some designing that keeps eyebrows in shape but this year it is going to be a lot more of coloring and contrast rather than changing the shape of eyebrows. This year’s eyebrow trend is all about changing its color rather than changing its shape. Changing the color of your brow by even just a shade brings a new and a refreshing look for your face.

Top colors for eyebrows this season

Raven or Black

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Choosing a right color and having expertise in coloring your brows is a secret to perfect eyebrows. If you do not know how to color them right then refrain experimenting and never color your brows on your own, rather consult some good eyebrow specialists for the color choice and coloring.

Black eyebrows look stunning but only if the color has been done well and the eyebrow product that you have used has not left you looking evil or angry with those jet-black fake looking brows on your face. A peculiar advice that goes for the choice of raven or black color for your eyebrows is to choose two shades lighter than your hair color. For instance, if you have jet-black hair, then choose a smoky charcoal shade, or deep brown for your brow.


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To go by nature, your eyebrow shade is supposed to be darker than the shade of your hair. However, these days the trend of coloring eyebrows 1-2 shades lighter than the hair color is in. It is because it works as a nice tactic to fade away or soften the fine lines some women get on their angular bone structure owing to aging.

One more purpose that lightening eyebrow color serves women is to take away the focus from their thinning brows. If you are a blonde-haired person and you are going brunette then you must darken your brows. On the other hand, if you are a brunette and your brows are already a shade darker than your hair then no need to color your eyebrows.


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If you are a woman with red hair then you have an option to choose from a taupe to a deep red brown color for your brows. To choose the intensity of an eyebrow color, first you have to decide the intensity of the look you want to create. It is all about gelling the warmth and coolness of the hair color and the brow color, which gives an ideal look to your face. If you are thinking of giving your brows the exact same color of your hair then you had better drop this idea because it really looks odd. One more thing you must keep in mind is that choose lighter brow color if you have dark hair and vice versa.



Dark eyebrows enhance your features and your eye color but the blonde-haired people having light colored brows fail to enjoy this blessing but they can always color their brows dark so that dark colored eyebrows give their face more detail and glamour.

Eyebrows are the arches that give a superb look to a woman’s face. They transform facial features and make eyes even more attractive. Eyebrow coloring is one-trend women follow to make their not so good brows gorgeous.


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