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Climate change has great impact on extreme weather conditions worldwide

09 wed change WBid8 8381Extreme weather conditions are being experienced all over the world and a government research report in Washington said on Thursday that they are going to increase further. The director of the National Climatic Data Center said that the amount of rainfall that used to occur in 20 years would be experienced in every five years. The areas that are prone to droughts will suffer from more droughts.

A senior scientist at the national center for Atmospheric Research, Gerald A. Meehl said that the power of hurricanes in the Atlantic and Western Pacific has been seen increasing since 1970s. This can be linked to the rising temperature of the sea surface. However, human activities like release of greenhouse gases can be blamed for the impact on overall increase in temperature. Researchers also consider burning of fossil fuels as one of the major cause behind climate warming.

It is the duty of each of us living on this planet earth to save it. Think apart from personal profits and get serious so that we can save the planet and try to give safe and free environment to our next generation. It is not very easy as the damage done is quite large but at least we can try and contribute as far as possible.

Via: tehrantimes

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