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Clam Shelter: A suitcase on wheels that doubles as a weatherproof bed

If you are among those who think that the world is going to end at 11:11 pm on December 21, we have already listed a few shelters you could try to survive the apocalypse. That is not going to happen anyway.  However, ever-growing concerns about natural disasters, the emergency shelters have become a fad in the design world. Enter Clam Shelter, a portable disaster relief housing shelter conceptualized by product design engineer Aaron Bognar, a graduate with a minor specialty in sustainable design.

A quick solution to establish shelter for deployment during a disaster, the Clam Shelter is a suitcase on wheels that opens to create a weatherproof bed. Offering security and privacy, the Clam Shelter is spacious enough, so that the inhabitant does not feel cramped inside.


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