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Chilean lake disappears, thanks to climate change

Chilean lake disappears


Climate change or change in climate, call it this or that way it spells only havoc. We need no illustrations to recall the impact global rise in temperatures is having on us and on our mother earth. With mercury surging fast, glaciers melting swiftly, oceans inundating coasts, lakes disappearing, marine creatures showing extinction, times ahead can only be imagined. What are we all up to? How long civilization endures can be no one’s guess. With global warming spreading its tentacles, who is to be blamed?

First it was Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake on earth showing signs of drying up, and now a glacial lake in southern Chile has disappeared, leaving a 40-meter deep crater behind, thanks to global warming. And to no one’s doubt the scientists too charged climate change as the culprit. They state that as rising temperatures led to the melting of the nearby glaciers, the process raised the water pressure around, leading to the water running into the sea, resulting in the disappearance of the lake.

Chile is not the only case. Similar phenomenon has also been recorded earlier in various parts of the world. Also the news of glacier retreat in Greenland and Antarctica has already sent shivering waves around.

Do we need more examples to convince ourselves of the havoc being reaped by global warming? It is being surmised by the scientific community all around that if temperatures keep rising the way they are, the time is not far when the dragon of global warming would bring life to a standstill on earth.


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