Caterpillar, duck, fish and fox: All in one

The Guillaumit table designs were created as demo pieces for Zebra 3 company during the Baignes Espinoa Expo in 2011 at Baignes in France. The French designer has ingeniously crafted this kind of furniture for children with the use of animal designs in bold colors to add fun. These quirky pieces of furniture are not for mass production but has caught on the imagination of the consumers. The designer, being well aware of children’s vivid imagination has cashed in by creating these unique pieces which are bound to enhance their curiosity and expand their existing facilities during play time. Children can now soar in their imagination up to sky with the furniture which comes in four cute creature designs of fox, caterpillar, duck and fish.

Guillaumit Drawing Tables

Weird design and concept

The designs may appear weird but obviously the designer knows how to catch the attention of little kids penchant for the fun and weird playthings. Guillame Castagne, who is a graphics and motion designer as well as an illustrator based in France, created these drawing tables using his skill at geometric shapes and weaving in funny cartoon characters with the clever usage of rigid color scheme. He created this furniture for Zebra 3 company with a view towards interesting kids to combine learning in a playful way.

There are four different designs in the furniture pieces and are all based on creature characters like the fish, caterpillar, fox and duck. Children can choose their own fun creature to sit, stand and write or draw upon. The furniture pieces are light in weight, strong and the gradation of the cube air vases are configured in a flexible way.

Why is it great?

Guillame Castagne believes that the furniture will enhance the creativity and learning power of children. He has incorporated lovable creatures to push his point forward and by giving colorful look to his creatures. For instance, the caterpillar design has a long winding body which can easily be moved for shaping to one’s choice. The colors are non toxic and safe for children’s use and there are also interesting storage spaces for papers and pencils on these creatures. These easy to store furniture pieces are recyclable.The designer has taken into account every aspect of a child’s need with this unique, cute and attractive furniture.

Although, it was produced only for an Expo demo, there has been a lot of interest generated towards these furniture pieces. Perhaps, it may go into mass production, depending on how the company pushes its marketing strategy forward.

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