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How to take care of your marble floor

Marble floor care guide


Marble is a very popular and desired material, which is being used by many people nowadays. Apart from using marbles for floors they are also employed for creating table tops, counter-tops as well as mantle.

The concept of using marbles is a very old one but is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. The reason being that Marble gives grace, sophistication and attractiveness to your home. You need to take a lot of care of your marble floor as installing marbles is quite expensive. You will have to ensure that your marble floor is always shining and is spot/stain free. Maintain your marble floor and keep it dust free, stain free and dirt free.

There are various precautionary measures which you will have to keep in mind so that you can preserve the attractiveness and glow of your marble floor.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time required: 20 minutes

Resources required:

  1. Water
  2. Soft Cloth
  3. Borax


1. Marble should be professionally laid: You need to be very cautious while getting your marble laid. The laying of the marble should be done by a professional in order to ensure that your marble floor looks elegant and adds beauty to your home. If the flooring is not properly done, its look and feel will not be polished and thus very crude, visually.

2. Clean dirty marble immediately: If you wish that the marble floor of your home should make your home beautiful, you will need to ensure that the floor looks it’s best at all times. This can be achieved by cleaning the floor right away when it gets dirty. Never let the dirt accumulate on the floor.

3. Clean on Regular basis: Like any floor, a marble floor definitely becomes dirty. So you will have to clean it regularly, every day. This will ensure that the floor maintains its shine. For daily cleaning, clean the floor with soft clean sponge and lukewarm water. Take small amount of water and apply it to the floor by a sponge. Vigorous and harsh rubbing of the floor is not required. You can gently rub the floor and remove the dirt. Use of water to clean it will ensure that it shines and glows. These cleaning strategies will help you in keeping your floor shining.

4. For excessive dirty marble: When the floor becomes extremely and immensely dirty and that water is not able to remove the dirt, you will require a clean and moist cloth with some dry borax. Rub the borax on the marble floor and then use the clean cloth to dry it

5. Prevent stains: One of the most important things you will have to do is avoid any stain to appear on the marble floor. This is very necessary as the stain does not go easily and harm your floor. In order to do so always clean the floor if something spills on it. If you will not clean it immediately the stain will become permanent.

6. Protect from damage: It is very necessary to protect the marble from any damages. As if the marble is damaged your floor will lose its beauty and will not appear flawless.

Frequently asked questions:

Q What should I do if acid fells on the floor?

A If acid falls on the marble floor you need to clean it immediately.

Quick tips:

  1. You should use a pH neutral solution with a clean cloth to clean your floor.
  2. You can also dissolve baking soda in water and mop the floor with it.

Things to watch out for:

  1. You need to sweep your floor and remove the dirt before you clean it off.
  2. Apart from water, you can also use marble polishes that are available in the market. In order to use the marble polish, you will have to mix it in water. Then apply the mixture on the floor with a soft cloth.

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