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Canola and soybean biofuel powers rocket launch!

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I believe these are better days for those who clamor for greener energy sources, and biofuels especially have shown tremendous progress over the years. Accordingly, an unusual biofuel i.e. a mixture of canola and soybean powered the Flometrics’ rocket to reach 20,000 feet altitude. The biofuel-powered rocket reached Mach 1 (the speed of sound). The University of North Dakota’s Energy and Environmental Research Center conducted this flight in the Mojave Desert. EERC considers it as a definite landmark achieved in rocket propulsion technology.

We demonstrated that this fuel is a flying fuel, and is 100% renewable and burns clean.

EERC’s associate director Carsten Heide expresses his satisfaction and optimism. If it is the future of rocket propulsion, it’s definitely heartening since it would go on to minimize the carbon emissions during the space programs.

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