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Can little ants predict earthquakes?

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Can ants really predict earthquakes? If we go by observations and belief of Turkish man Kadir Sutcu they can. Kadir Sutcu is not an expert ant researcher but he claims that by watching behaviour of two ant colonies in his backyard he can predict earthquakes and save lives.

According to Kadir Sutcu, just before an earthquake in early July he observed the ants behaving in a distressed manner and some even started dying 24 hours before the earthquake!! It seems he even sent out warning emails before actual earthquake. If only people took amateurs seriously!

The only other study on ant behaviour during earthquakes comes from data collected by two biologists John Lighton and Frances Duncan who were out in the field studying behaviour of desert harvester ant colonies(for another research) in California when the area was hit by earthquake of 7.4 magnitude. But their data do not show any significant effects in ants behaviour before, during and after earthquake.

There are more than 14,000 documented ant species and all of them have their individual characteristic behaviour. So, one can’t altogether rubbish the claims of antlover Kadir. Hope researchers look more closer into nature and study behaviour of smallest of species to find such links. Maybe little ant farms can really save the millions of homes.

source: Planetsave

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