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Busy moms: A-Z helpguide

Being a working mother is the toughest job on earth. You have too much of work to finish within 24 hours along with spending time with your family. Here, in this situation time management plays a major role for striking a personal-professional life balance. In this article, we have listed some quick tips for all the working moms to ease up their running schedule.

A- Arranging your child’s clothes

Pair your child’s clothes and arrange them in his wardrobe. Arranging clothes will save on your time of pairing the right pant with the right shirt, before you have to get your child dressed.

B- Buy birthday gifts in advance

Be attentive and look for sales at toy shops. Pick up some toys in advance and hand them over to your child to gift them to his friends on their birthday parties.

C- Clear clutters

Get rid of all the unwanted stuff at home. Arrange your wardrobe season wise to get easy access to your clothes. Keep necessary things in place to fetch them quickly when necessary.

D- Dump your refrigerator with healthy snacks

Keep your refrigerator filled with healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables. Keep nuts stocked for your kids to grab and eat whenever hungry.

E- Easy access to the medical box

Keep your medical box in the kitchen cabinet so that you can pick the medicine required easily as you work. Just make sure it has a child lock to secure it from kids.

F- Finish chopping for the week

Shop for the entire weeks vegetables and fruits, chop them and stuff them into the fridge. Chopping in advance will save your time on rushed weekdays.

G- Get rid of your child’s unwanted clothes

Your child is growing and you definitely might have clothes that do not fit him anymore. Get those clothes out of his wardrobe and donate them. By removing old clothes, you will have more space to organize things efficiently.

H- Hire a baby sitter

Hiring a baby sitter for just two hours in the weekend will help you finish the chores faster.

I- Involve everyone in clearing up the table

Spare half an hour in clearing up the dining table and ask other family members to help you with the cleaning up. Also, ask kids to arrange their toys and settle the living room before going to bed.

J- Just arrange a things-to-do book

Set a book or a folder and write down everything you want your house-keeper or your baby-sitter to finish before you return home.

K- Keep important numbers in your phone

The number of your favorite restaurant etc. should be stored in your phone book so that you can pick up the meal on your way back to home to avoid paying for delivery charges.

L- Label cabinets and shelves

After you finish organizing your kitchen cabinets and wardrobe shelves, just label them to get to the things you need easily.

M- Make arrangements in advance

Set your dining table for breakfast next day, before you go to bed. Keep fruits, cereals, toasters, bowls and breads on the table in advance to avoid last minute rush.

N- No ironing

Instead of ironing, run the dryer of your washing machine for 15 minutes extra with a damp napkin into the machine.

O- Organize your files and papers

Keep files for important papers. Don’t forget to organize these papers as soon as you have them in hand to avoid locating them or misplacing them.

P- Pick up from sales

To save on money and time, buy regular utility items such as toothbrush, toothpaste etc. from sales.

Q- Queues need to be avoided

Reach the post office and other offices after lunch time at around 3pm to avoid standing in a long queue.

R- Reach on time

Take morning appointments for your child’s doctor and schedule other appointments in advance, just to make sure you get there on time.

S- Set your bills in advance

Place your bills and the money in an envelope. Don’t forget to label them to be more organized.

T- Turn to online shopping

Everything is available online these days. Online stores can help you save more time.

U- Use a superfast dryer

Exchange your existing dryer with a faster one to save on your time.

V- Vegetable chopper

Use an efficient vegetable chopper to help you chop vegetables before you stock them into the refrigerator.

W- Write down

Quickly write down the thing to be finished in the week and try to get done with most of them over the weekends.

X- Xtra meals

Get along with friends to cook for the entire week and stuff the cooked food into the freezer.

Y- Yes, use clean up shortcuts

Keep disinfectant wipes handy to clean up glasses and plates or other things.

Z- Zip up with your family

Follow the above tips to zip up and spend more time with your family.

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