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Breaking free of the relation not working for you

Breaking free of the relation not working for you

Falling in love is a great feeling but if it is a dead-end relationship then it’s better to move on in life. Do it now, since the longer you take and the more you get into it. Once you make up your mind to get away from a relationship that has made your life difficult all you need to do is to go ahead with a strong determination to keep yourself happy.

Passion or Obsession

Keep a check on your relationship. Is it passion or obsession? If you care for the person then it is all right but if this care and forgiveness goes beyond a limit, it becomes an obsession and starts interfering with your happiness. First thing first, know the difference between passion and obsession. Knowing your enemy makes it that easy to conquer it.

Know what you want

Try to make a list of all the things you want from life. Explore yourself as an individual and see how your plans match up with your list. Plan outdoor picnics with your friends and go, even if you do not feel like it, force yourself to go out and enjoy yourself. They can make you feel comfortable about yourself. You would feel more confident which would help to move on in life. Try to pursue a long lost hobby, or cultivate new ones. Keep yourself busy and focused. Staying around positive people can help.

Reality check

You should know the difference between reality and fantasy. If fantasy is overwhelming your thoughts, try to overcome it. You are living in a real world not in your dreams, so wake up and start living the reality. The real world can be hard to handle, but don’t let that stop you from taking the bull by its horns.

Face your biggest fear

One thing that will actually make a difference is facing your fear head on. You certainly would be feeling lonely and unable to get a grip over it, but these feelings would fade away. Your friends and social network can help you do that. Keep yourself busy and do not let yourself get into it again.

Make a commitment

Make a commitment to yourself that you would value yourself even more. Keep in mind that you are the most important person in your life. Do not make this phase dramatic by putting on a sad face or devouring countless ice cream tubs. By doing this you will crave more to go back to your past and you will eventually end up acting foolish. Do not lose your real self. Try to keep yourself in high spirits. Look at the brighter side of things, you can use this time to sit back and relax.

Live life to the fullest

Start living life happily. Do not lose your self-esteem, in fact, rise knowing you have done the right thing. Knowing your real value can help you overcome this phase. There is still so much beyond your relationship and that can bring about a beautiful change in your life. Your belief in yourself can make it easy for you. Know in your heart that you are the best and you deserve the best in life.]]>

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