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Brazil says ‘no’ to emission targets proposed by UN


Brazil is vehemently opposing imposing targets on developing nations’ carbon emissions days before the climate change conference hosted by the UN in Bali, Indonesia. The Bali conference will be the culmination of a momentous twelve months in the climate debate and needs a breakthrough in the form of a roadmap for a future climate change deal.

The UN report recommended that developing countries target to reduce their carbon emissions by 20% and the developed nations should cut theirs by 80% by 2050. Brazil has its own plans of tackling environmental issues and is opposed to targets set by other organizations.

Home to sixty percent of the Amazon’s forests, Brazil’s environment is under threat due to extensive logging and deforestation for the use of land for cattle pasture and commercial activities. The tropical forests release stored carbon dioxide when trees are burnt or decompose and this makes Brazil a large carbon emitter in spite of its pioneering biofeuls program and adopting eco-friendly measures of developing clean power.

The principle responsibility lies with the industrialized countries. Our offer is to adopt verifiable policies at a national level to combat climate change — we have our own targets.

said Everton Vargas, under-secretary for political affairs at the foreign ministry

Brazil wants the rich nations to bear the costs of climate change controlling measures adapted by the developing countries and hopes that technology transfers to coal dependent countries would control the emissions.



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