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Best eco-concepts to remodel your home

Many people in this era are considering green home remodelling concepts. Although most people are looking forward to creating eco-friendly environments, yet lack the much-needed knowledge. To help them in the process below are five easily accomplished green home remodelling ideas that will provide them an energy resourceful, eco-friendly abode for their enjoyment. Choosing the below mentioned energy-efficient appliances will surely benefit everyone.

WashUp Washer

This washing machine works in combination with a toilet. The WashUp Washer has been specially designed to fix above the toilet for recycling the washer water to flush the toilet. This concept works in an easy and simple premise. It puts in foamy water from the machine into the toilet, which otherwise would have gone right down the drain, thereby putting it in good use.

ALight Kitchen

This system is composed of an integrated product design for offering a completely sustainable kitchen concept. This eco-friendly kitchen will function via keeping beverages and food packs in the inner portion of the cooling unit. The ALight Kitchen enables to store food for three days, thus helping one to save energy with a compact and smart solution. A smart oven has been attached to the system for warming the food in packs in a user-friendly manner. Further, it also helps in arranging the ideal temperature as well as time for the packs by means of reading the bar codes on them.

Joo Diego’s Fog Shower

This shower uses a fog comprising of microscopic water droplets. The best part about the fog shower is that it requires merely 2 litres water for five minutes shower rather than 26 litres for the current era’s most proficient water-saving showerheads. 

He Cheng Fei’s Go Fresh

Go Fresh is an energy saving fridge with 12 honeycomb shaped individual compartments that are not only temperature-controlled, but also closes the air inlet automatically when it reaches the right temperature.

Thanat Tengamnuay’s Circompo 

This is a specially designed garbage bin and composter that helps in decomposing organic wastes particularly food-using microorganisms that are kept under suitable conditions of heat, air and moisture for speeding the process.


Here are some green concepts to make your abode life better. These concepts will make the life much happier and healthier for all family members both young and old.


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