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It is beneficial to strategize your negotiations with your children

Children want what it want, and when they do not get that, they create a lot of mess. Parents need to handle and take care of such situations maturely and efficiently. Most of the times, it is not easy to negotiate with child, their continuous nagging for a thing can cause irritation in both parents and the child. It is better to find a middle path to solve this problem.

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Negotiating with kids becomes tough when the problem remains unsolved. To avoid any differences between parents and child, it is better to find some way to sort out such problems. Here are few tips that can help one in getting rid of this problem. Talk to your child and understand what his emotions are and what he wants. Avoiding the problem will only mess up things.

Listen to your child

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First step in negotiating a child is to hear what he wants to say. Most of the parents are so busy in their work that they hardly listen to their child. So schedule some time to spend with your child. It will ensure him that you are there for them in need. Remember, a child appreciates active listening.

Understand his emotions

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Whenever your child comes to you for sharing something, try to understand his emotion. It helps in knowing what is going on in his mind and what he wants from you. May be they are trying to share something important. So avoid multitasking at the time of conversation with a child, and focus on what he is feeling. It will solve the issue and make your relationship stronger. On the other hand, if you are not willing to listen to him it may worsen the problem and child will feel awkward next time to share anything. So stop your urge to jump for solutions and judgment until and unless a child says what he feels.

Be ready to compromise

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If one wants to end conversation successfully, it is necessary to be prepared to compromise. Children may sometime cry or act to get things done. But parents must act smarter at that time. Compromise is required from both parties. Most of the times parents compromise to what their child wants but they always need not to compromise. Doing that every time may leave wrong impression on your child. Next time child will know how to get you. It is better to make a record of compromises done by both parent and child.

Propose your ideas

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When a child comes up with any problem, it is parent’s duty to provide solutions to the problem. Listen to the problem and propose some ideas for solving the problem. List things you want him to do and ask him to choose one option out of the list. Sometimes, parents do not even bother to listen to the problem, but that may result in strained relationship with their children, and is also signs of bad parenting.

Learn to say No

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Children are likely to take advantage of their parents most of the times. If parents hesitate to say no to the child, the child will definitely take advantage of that. Saying no for some things is good sometimes, as one cannot afford everything. Talk to child about it. Talking solves almost every problem. So communicate to create a strong bond and better relationship.


Negotiating with child is not easy but sometimes it is as necessary as breathing to avoid any misunderstanding. For a better relationship, communication is important. Parents need to learn to negotiate with their children.


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