Basic guidelines on how insulated curtains work

<![CDATA[Insulated curtains come in handy when you want to make your internal room heating or cooling more effective. They prevent external elements from greatly affecting your room temperature, and make your interior air conditioning system more effective. Insulated curtains can help you save big on energy bills, simply by helping out the air conditioning system.

How they work

The insulated curtains work by regulating the flow of warm air to and from the house. This way they usually keep the house at a constant temperature. Four major types of heat loss occur in a house. These are heat loss through conduction, convection, infiltration and radiation. Heat energy only moves from warm areas to cooler areas. This curtains help prevent the flow of warm air either from the house or into the house. Heat moves from one place to another through the four main ways above. These curtains generally cut down or break that gentle flow of heat. They act like a block so that heat cannot move across from either side. By doing these, they maintain the temperature of the house within a specific desired range. One can then regulate the house temperature by either opening them or closing them down depending on the desired temperature. Generally, the level of insulation will depend on the type of curtains bought. They vary in quality and size and so does the rate of heat control.

Most common types of the curtains will comprise of the following elements: A reflecting barrier of vapor that controls the flow of moisture into the house, an outer layer that is decorated and supported by an inner layer both preventing loss of warm air, a film that is reflecting so as to reflect heat back into the house, a foam of high density that is used to block sound waves and heat exchanges.

Working together, all these layers help protect the house against the colder conditions outside during winter and against the warm conditions outside during the summers. Between the curtains, a magnetic strip is used to sew the curtains strongly into the wall. These curtains exist in various patterns, durability and thickness. They are preferred because they are easy to maintain and can be freshened up.

Summary Insulated curtains can help lower your energy bills by making your interior heating and cooling systems more efficient. They can also go a long way in keeping your room at a pleasant temperature.]]>

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