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Attic living space

An attic, situated right at the very top of the house is oftentimes, relegated to the post of nothing but a common store room, but the thing is it escaped many eyes how effective a space the attic can be, when it comes to allocating an extra space for living. After all, a store room can be delegated to the basement as well, why should we waste a perfectly good bit of space in order to stuff things away??

In order to add color to the traditional attic, the first thing to do is to make it livable. The attic can serve the best, as the room of the children, or if such is the case the child. After all, the adults surely do not want to climb up the stairs to get to their room. One of the elementary things that you have to do is to add stairs in order to get to the top. One does not wish to use a ladder every time he or she has to go one’s room. The next thing to do is to clear out everything from the atic, and if such is the case that they are completely useless, just throw everything out instead of sending them down to the basement. Treat your attic like any other room, have it painted and aired. There are of course other considerations to keep in mind apart from these.

Since it is an attic, and will be turned into a living space, one should ensure that there is enough support on the underside of the attic. The attic was designed in order to support luggage, not humans, and you surely do not want someone falling though the floor.

If there is not enough light and air, you should add a window or a dormer. The best thing is to add a skylight however, so that the light can enter from above during the day, and during the night one can get a fabulous view of the night sky while going to sleep.

Give some thought as to keeping the new attic safe and dry. Also, get some arrangement done in order to provide an , just for safety reasons, if not for anything else.

An attic is waste of useful living space, if you are using it as a store. Keep these tips in mind, and the next time you seem to be falling short of space in your house, maybe you can recapitulate these points.

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