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Arctic sea ice level drops sharply!

Arctic sea ice level drops


Worst fears of climate change are coming true. Arctic sea ice levels have reached a record second lowest level in last 30 years! The lowest measured point was set only last september. Going by intriguing trends it might just tip even lower and break the previous record!

According to U.S National Snow and Ice Data Center, Arctic cover is presently over 2.03 million square miles and last september it went down to 1.65 million square miles.

The worst affected due to arctic melt down are Polar bears. Scientists have seen them swim 100 miles away, may be exploring new ice habitats. But this can only prove fatal to the life of these already endangered species.

Every year Arctic ice goes through the cycle of melting in summer and refreezing in winter. But increased melting due to warming has upset the whole cycle. Now much ice gets lost to the open ocean, which absorbs more sun’s heat and trigger further melting and more warming all over the globe. According to Nasa scientists, at this rate there may be no summer ice in Arctic in 5 to 10 years.

Climate change predictions are coming true faster than imagined. The reasons for climate change may be debated but the change is visible now and may become worse over coming few years. The future of not only Polar bears but all life on this planet looks grim.

Temperature changes and ice meltdown will have an avalanche effect everywhere on this globe. These changes are largely irreversible. Paradise may be lost forever. Its high time we engaged in a war only against climate change to save ourselves, our future and the future of all life on this blue planet.

source: msnbc

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