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Arctic could be ice-free in coming 23 years

melting arctic ice

Arctic is melting at such a rate that in the coming 23 years, it will be left barren. Mounting heat pressure is endangering the most profound ice sheets in the world.

Ice in the Arctic usually begins to freeze over the winter. But, this summer has extracted so much of ice from the sea that it looks improbable for it to grow back. The scenario has been quite similar for the last two-three years. Such a mammoth drop in ice sheets points the finger towards warming of the area in and around the Arctic. Man-made warming has lent a new face to nature, which has changed it to such an extent that it looks unlikely to recuperate from its loss.

walrus witness to melting arctic ice

Rising temperatures owing to heating of the earth via relentless fuel burning and reckless chopping of forests has sounded the death bells for natural environment. The union of the two has added extra pressure to the ecological balance of nature, which being unable to sustain such a massive heat pressure seems to capsize under it, threatening life on and above earth and marine organisms that have already started showing signs of change, altering their ood-eating habits, cohabiting activities, breeding, brooding and migration patterns.

Such an enormous amount of heat diffused into the atmosphere has bundled colossal ice sheets and gigantic glaciers into seas of water, leaving them decayed for years to come. Will they be able to recoup from such a climate change? Doesn’t seem so, as with every passing minute, the pressure on the environment is galloping, increasing the temperature and decreasing the majestic ice sheets. As man is unable to control his all the time surging emissions, it is expected that the day isn’t far when most precious components of environment would melt and collapse, leaving a dead and barren land with seas of water swirling up, inundating and submerging lands.

Be it Arctic, Antarctic or Greenland, all are destined to witness the disastrous future already written by man for them. It is only a matter of some time.



Via: Guardian

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