Antique doorknobs make your doors look better

Antique doorknobs make your doors look better

Are you a person who loves antiques? Do you wish to combine contemporary interiors with some old-age antique objects?  Using lovely antique doorknobs is an easier and cheaper option. Antique doorknobs look artistic and ornamental with unique designs and lovely finishing.  Many a times these doorknobs have handcrafted detailing. They can make a simple wooden door look appealing. Antique doorknobs are easily and readily available in the market with varieties of beautiful designs to choose from.  A simple but boring looking front door can be designed using a metal hand crafted doorknob. The bathroom door can be enhanced using porcelain made doorknob. Sparkling glass doorknobs or handcrafted porcelain doorknobs can be used for every door of your house. Doorknobs made of these materials have a huge variety of designs available in the market.

Tips while purchasing door knobs

First and most primary thing to remember while purchasing doorknobs for your house is that, you need to know which door you wish to use it for. This is important because stores provide different materials and styles of doorknobs for different doors of the house. For example, if your requirement is for the front door then you should be looking out for a keyed door knob. If bathroom doors is what you are concerned about then, privacy ones (the locking/unlocking) ones should be the choice.

The other types of doorknobs include, passageway ones used for the halls that do not have a built-in lock system, and the artificial, or the dummy ones. Choosing the right doorknob is necessary as privacy and safety are a concern of every household.  Also, it is important to keep the theme of the room in mind while choosing the door knobs. If the theme is royal or simply old age then, a lovely Egyptian mask doorknob look classy. Antique knobs also work as a contrast to the modern interiors of the house. This makes them look attractive and catchy.


Many hardware stores in the market provide door knobs as per your requirement. One needs to survey the market to choose the right quality and the cheapest option. Moreover, many doorknob companies these days provide guarantee and warranty too. Another easy mode of purchasing is through e-commerce sites. Many sites provide pictures and necessary specifications of the doorknobs. Moreover, e-commerce sites provide discount coupons, free gifts and free installations too these days. Online purchase helps compare the product and can be easier and time saving.


So enhance your regular doors with lovely ornamental doorknobs. They are easier on your pockets and easier for installations too. Moreover, these are a never-to-die fashion statement for your house.]]>

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