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Antarctic ice shelf collapse: Humanity nearing the doomsday?

The ghast realities of global warming were splendidly picturized in the movie ‘The Day After tomorrow’. But the sad thing is we 6 billion individuals on earth are on brink of finding ourselves in the conditions shown in the movie. Moreover, we are least aware and bothered with the effects of the phrase ‘Global Warming’ and more importantly their horrifying pace, as the evidences indicate.

A 5000 sq. mile Wilkins ice shelf in Western Antarctica is just about to collapse. British Antarctic Survey describes it as ‘hanging by a thread’. Evidence has been backed up with satellite imagery and scientists solely blame global warming for this pertaining effect.

Satellite images from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre showed a massive iceberg measuring 25.5 miles by 1.5 miles broke off last month. The major chunk of the ice shelf is now attached to the Antarctic Peninsula by a mere 4 mile strip of ice.

The collapse was predicted, what worries the experts is the pace at which this disintegration has occurred. Says Prof David Vaughan, of the BAS,

I had never expected to see things happen this quickly. The ice shelf is hanging by a thread.

Wilkins is the largest ice sheet in Antarctica and lies about 1000 miles south of the Megallian Strait — the Southern most tip of South America.

The global warming makes ice shelves in deeper parts of Antarctica viable to melting. The Wilkins breakdown is not ‘sufficient’ to alter the global sea-levels. But it certainly is an indication to the future threats.

Source: Telegraph

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