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Parts of Amazon forest grew greener during ’05 droughts!

Once again, the Amazonian rainforest proved itself to be strong enough. The Amazon forest seems to be more resistant to drought conditions: in contrast to the computer models. Amazingly, parts of the forest grew greener during the 2005 drought conditions.


According to some of the computer models that have been devised, predicted that the Amazon will be devastated during the 2005 droughts. However, the recent observations done by scientists using the Modis system (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer), proved the computer models were wrong.

The researchers Scott R.Saleska, (a UA assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology,) and his colleague Kamel Didan, at the UA and at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil used satellite date from the Modis-EOS system of NASA.Both the scientists found that Amazon forest reacted positively instead of shutting down it’s systems.

Apparently, the rainforest showed more resistance to drought conditions. Why or how? Well, the forest has definitely become greener during the ’05 drought period. Also, parts of the vegetation were growing faster than ever. Scientists believe that there was more photosynthesis going on in the Amazonian plants.

Persistent drought conditions would allow more scope for photosynthesis. This is because more sunlight passes through the leaves. This results in the ‘greening’ of the plants as seen from the space. Ultimately, this proves one thing: Amazon reacted positively to the drought and it became more green during the drought.

I think this is a very radical discovery! Climate change models predicted that Amazon will cut down photosynthesis. However, just the opposite thing happened.

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