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All trade in endangered sawfish banned to save it from extinction

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The trading of sawfish — already endangered by over-fishing to serve its much-in-demand fins-dish delicacies, and its liver oil used extensively as medicine – has already been banned in the United States and in Australia. But, disappointingly, with the sale of other sawfish rostra remaining legal, their numbers are still in despair being illegally traded.

Seeming to be concerned on these lines, an international conference on endangered species has recently banned almost all trade in sawfish.

All the seven species of the teeth-bristling long-snouted large shark-like ray fishes are been listed as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union.

The illegal market for the highly priced fish can’t be blamed, as $200 a pound for a fish’s export can’t keep a collector from illegal fishing lures.

At the triennial meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), Dorothy Nyingi of Kenya informed,

She said the rostra fetch up to $650 a pound.

This ban on the international trade, hence lessening the fishing pressures, would surely relieve not only the conservationists, but also the species from extinction, by perhaps a mass death of the fish’s highly priced market.


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