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Advantages of installing natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are a perfect choice of flooring for many since time immemorial. Detailed mosaics radiate grace and accentuate natural-style settings. No matter what shape or type you choose, stone offers a sense of permanence and character that can beat any other flooring material. Stone flooring is a natural coolant and is ideal for warm climates. They do not shelter dust and other allergens.

Probably people in ancient times used stones because there were no other options available, but why people use it today when there are many options available. The benefit of stones is the simple answer to this question. Natural stone tiles are loaded with multi-benefits, due to which stone tiles have an edge over others even today also. Following are the reasons for the popularity of Natural stone tiles:


One of the biggest reasons behind people’s preference of stone tiles over other flooring materials in the market is the sheer beauty of the stone tiles. They have the best color variations with a natural effect. Some people feel that stone tiles are boring and monotonous. We beg to differ, as now stone tiles come with unmatched color variations and patterns. Being monotonous is just out of question.


Natural stone’s durability makes it an ideal material to be used as flooring. This is why experts suggest natural stone tiles to be used externally because they can withstand both the extremes of winter as well as summer.


Stone tiles are made naturally, which makes them eco-friendly. This is why many interiors and home designers, who are eco-conscious are opting for natural stone tiles as compared to other chemically produced floorings.

Maintenance and Repair:

Unlike vinyl flooring,natural stone maintains its color and structure throughout. This integral finish reduces visibility of surface scratches or damage. Materials with integral finishes are easily repairable and thus enjoy a significantly longer life than surface finished materials. Stone floors need only to be swept or vacuumed on a regular basis to remove the factors that cause dulling. The great thing about old natural stone tiles is that they can be repaired in the event of any damage like crack or breakages. Filler or resin can be used for filling up the crack. Once you are done filling the crack, you yourself would fail to recognize the place of crack.


Natural stone has a number of advantages over alternative flooring materials. Maintenance is minimal as well as cost-effective, and stone’s longevity allows it to be used repeatedly. However, before choosing a specific type of stone, arm yourself with knowledge to find the best fit.

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