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Advantages of hybrid mattresses over memory foam

A good night’s sleep guarantees you a productive day at work or when running your chores. Studies show that around 7-9 hours of sleep is adequate for any human being to function correctly.

This provides a need for investing in a good mattress: a mattress that will guarantee you enough rest after a long day of work. Most people, however, have problems seeking out the best mattress on the market.

The two most popular types of mattresses in the market include hybrid and memory foam mattresses. Today’s article provides insight on the pros of hybrid ones over the memory foam.

Hybrid mattress is a combination of two technologies


Hybrid is a combination of the micro springs technology and memory foam or latex padding on top. The memory foam usually acts as the top layer of the mattresses. Before the introduction of hybrid mattresses, mattresses would be made of either micro springs or memory foam alone.

However, the two independent entities were not that effective. Manufacturers noted that people still complained because they had problems with comfort and usability. When the sleeper lied on the micro springs, they would occasionally feel the springs poking them while they slept.

They sought the development of a mattress that would bring in the benefits of both memory foam and micro springs. The springs are very beneficial to the sleeper since they add comfort to the bed.

A hybrid mattress is more cooling than memory foam

During the night, heat within the room determines whether you will experience a good night sleep or not. Excessive heat limits your sleep and leads to insomnia. With memory foam, you will encounter this problem because it consumes the heat from your body causing the subject to wake up or even toss back and forth. This is because they are soft, which reduces the breathability of the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses ensure that everyone who lies on these mattresses will only wake up in the morning. The micro springs underneath act like pores to get rid of all the heat that comes from the external environment and your body. The mattress is also suitable for bed mates that would typically produce heat, which when combined, would be uncomfortable for both parties.

Hybrid mattresses are firm hence comfortable


The major problem with memory foam mattresses is that people carve into the foam once you sleep on it. The contours are excellent but they make breathability a big problem. Hybrid mattresses are comfortable. You can get in and out of bed without having any trouble. In fact, you can enjoy intimacy with your partner without any discomfort.

Pregnant women will most likely lie on the bed by their side. The mattresses would be good for such people, and for the part of the population that loves to sleep on their side. This is because they are flat.

While memory foam would promote falling off the edge, the hybrid one will allow you to sit on its side without toppling.


The hybrid mattress is excellent. You can find a comparison of different mattresses within the Sapira vs. Alexander Hybrid Mattress Comparison. The author tries to identify the difference between the two mattresses: Sapira vs. Alexander Hybrid Mattresses.

Ensure to put in factors such as weight and sleeping position when choosing the appropriate mattress.

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