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How to Adopt an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Many people are taking the initiative to adopt a green lifestyle in order to do their bit to save the deteriorating environment. However, contrary to the popular notion that turning green would mean radical changes around the household, these simple but effective tips and tricks will help you make your home a green abode. Here are some of those useful tips that could come in handy when you are thinking of adopting a green lifestyle.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Plastic takes years to break down and just keeps on adding to an already saturated landfill. So take your first step towards a green lifestyle by avoiding plastic bags and taking your own bags when you go shopping for groceries. There are varieties of cloth bags you can use for the same purpose. Not only are their purposeful, but they can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

Shop Green, Eat Green

The next step towards achieving a greener lifestyle is to stop buying fertilizer and pesticide-laden groceries and opt for organic ones instead. Locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables are a better option to frozen varieties as well. Look for organically produced groceries in order to save the environment and your health in the process.

Tip: Always thaw frozen foods at room temperature before cooking them instead of directly popping them into a microwave. This would limit the use of microwave and prevent harmful aerosols from being released into the air as well.

Sort the Trash

Sorting out the trash plays a huge role in doing your bit to help the environment. It is very simple as well. All you need to do is use separate trash bins for organic, perishable items and plastics, paper and aluminum cans. Let everyone in the family understand the process as well so that it becomes a regular household habit.

Wash when Full

It is a known fact that washing machines use a lot of water to wash clothes. So make it a point to wash your clothes using washing machine only when you have adequate load for the machine. You can also reuse items like jeans and towels for a couple of times before washing them. Not only would you save water this way, but also you would be able to reduce your electricity bills in the process.

Tip: Another tip to save water is to avoid using a hose to water the plants or wash your vehicles. Use the traditional method of a bucket of water and a jug for the same purpose instead.

Use Half Flush Toilets

These toilet models are becoming quite a rage in the market. They work on the notion that liquid waste would need less water when compared to solid waste. The traditional toilets use about 6 liters of water for every flush. On the other hand, the half-flush toilet would allow you to use only half that amount of water to wash away liquid waste. Installing these toilets in your home would therefore, help you save plenty of water.

Use Public Transport

Not many of us like using the public transport, especially if we have a car in the home. However, using public transport to reach nearby destinations can help you cut down on fuel costs as well as reduce the CO2 emissions from your car.

Avoid Maintenance Mode

Always make it a point to switch of electrical appliances at the main instead of leaving them on maintenance mode. It pays to pull out the plug from the socket when you are not using the appliance as well. In addition to reducing the load on environment this way, you can reduce the amount of money spent on these utilities.


Going green is simple, easy and very necessary for a healthier environment. These tips would enable you to adopt a green lifestyle easily without facing too many hassles in the process. One-step at a time is all it takes to change the environment, and your life for the better.

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