Add- Attention Deficit Disorders In Young Children

This is primarily a neurobehavioral development disorder and it is mainly diagnosed in the young children below the age of seven years. According to a study Attention Deficit Disorder is striking almost 3 percent of the children around the globe. You can define ADD or attention deficit disorder as a combination of inattentive behavior and hyperactivity. There happens to be no permanent cure to the problem but there are treatments that can be adopted to lead a normal life and one must consult a doctor to get the precise treatment for this disorder. Let us move on and jot down the symptoms that help you realize that if your child is suffering from attention deficit disorder.


Signs Of Attention Deficit Disorder:


It has been observed that each and every child ailing from this disorder has somewhat different symptoms and the doctor prescribes to the child accordingly. However the list jotted here consists of the common symptoms that are observed in almost everyone suffering from this ailment.

  • A child suffering from ADD will usually face difficulty in remain seated as he will keep twisting in his chair or keep moving his feet and hands. Other than that the child will also show impatience while waiting for his turn whilst playing some game or in any other activity in a group.
  • Children suffering from attention deficit disorder tend to talk a lot plus they also have a habit of interrupting others while they are talking.
  • They generally do not pay attention to the directions given to them and mot of the time they forget the important jobs and activities.
  • The young ones ailing from ADD indulge themselves in dangerous tasks prior to thinking of the consequences.
  • They find it hard to focus on one thing and get distracted by the surroundings very easily.
  • While playing alone the child will find it difficult to remain quiet and rather he will continue to make loud noises.


Treatment Options For Attention Deficit Disorder:


As we discussed earlier that there is no permanent cure to this problem yet but there are treatment options that enable the child to live a better and normal life. This disorder needs counseling, some changes in the routine life, changes in the behavior and medicines to get managed. You can reach out to a doctor for further information on the medicines that help the patient to reduce the effects of the signs of this disorder.



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