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Abandoned places that are acknowledged to be spine-chilling

<![CDATA[When you have a look at these giant buildings, you would surely want to go inside to check out the place. However, there are a few places all over the world, which are abandoned and no one dares getting close to the place. Rumors or true stories but those who live around say things that can give you shivers.

The Larundel Psychiatric Hospital


In Melbourne, Australia, this 76-year-old hospital was used by the military in World War II and it was again used as a mental asylum in 1953. It was once a home of 387 patients. There were rumors that the patients were abused and tortured, but one incidence that made it the scariest place was the death of a girl in there. Her music box still plays haunting melodies that scare the people even more. (Source | Image)

La isla de la Munecas or The Island of Dolls


Distorted and deformed dolls with strange faces, hanging to the trees all around the place, no, It’s not a clipping from a scary movie. You can find such a place in Mexico City; every single tree is decorated in the similar way. The dolls have a creepy look that makes them look evil, a look that follows you wherever you go. A man by the name of Don Julian Santana left his wife and kids and started living there, and it is said that he had gone crazy and decorated the place this way to cope with the haunting of a little girl. (Source)

Villa de Vecchi, Italy


They call it “The Ghost Mansion,” since ghosts supposedly occupy the place. Count Felix de Vecchi who built the mansion had committed suicide when he found his wife dead and daughter missing. His brother inherited the mansion and there are rumors of many ghosts living in the mansion. (Source | Image)

Bhangarh, India


The government rules state that Archaeological Survey of India must have an office at every historical site. There is no office at this place. Bhangarh in Rajasthan, India is a famous tourist spot but during the daytime only. When it gets dark, entry into the place is prohibited. It is believed that a magician, heartbroken by the rejection of kingdom’s princess, cursed the place. Since then the people around believe that his spirit lives in there and would never leave the place. (Source)

Danvers State Insane Asylum


Danvers Lunatic Asylum or State Lunatic Hospital is said to be the birthplace of shock therapy and frontal lobotomies but it surely was a crowded place once. The place was shut down in 1992 and since then all the efforts to rebuild the place are unsuccessful. (Source | Image)

Anderlecht Veterinary School


Since ‘90s, the Veterinary complex in Anderlecht, Brussels is the place where no one comes. The rooms of the building are full of creepy stuff. Old bottles, syringes, medical equipment and colored fluids are all over the place the place. The place is rightly known as “Horror labs,” as you can find animal heads and brains lying on tables. It takes a lot o heart to visit the place. (Source | Image)]]>

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