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A new home or a miracle cure needed to save the Tasmanian Devil

infected tasmanian devil 9The Tasmanian devil which is at the verge of going extinct, can be saved only if some radical steps are taken. Suffering from the infectious cancer — dubbed Devil facial tumor disease — it spreads through mouth to mouth infecting the face with large visible tumours.

This cancer eventually crowds out the animal’s teeth, essentially starving it to death as eating and hunting become more difficult. the disease has already killed as many as 70,000 devils, with 65% of the remaining population already surving infected. The disease was first diagnosed in the state’s northeast, where 90% of
the population has disappeared.

Scientists are proposing a plan to transfer 30 healthy animals to nearby Maria Island.
But, it is kicking up controversies, as the island — a national park — is also home to several endangered bird species.

Critics are fearing about the impact that the new species will have on local species.

But, keeping aside the controversies, it is known that unless a new home or a miracle cure is found there will be no uninfected Tasmanian devils left in as little as 5 years.

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