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A guide to choosing the right tuxedo

Your wedding is a day that calls for your most flattering and impressive looks because unless you are a celebrity, you never get a chance or a day when so much of camera attention you get. It is a day when you actually get all eyes on you, so you must ensure you look the best. When grooms go to buy tuxedo for their special day, they usually do not know what fit would suit them the best and would amp up their style and charisma. No worries, as we are here to help you with some tips that will enable you pick the best suiting tuxedo for yourself.

Your body type

The one thing that comes handy and makes you pick the best tuxedo for yourself is your body type. You need to assess your body shape and type. No matter how popular brand you pick, or how pricey your tuxedo is, it would not look cool on you if it does not suit your body type. The following are some body types and we have recommendations of tuxedos that suit every body type:

Thin and Tall

Ones who are thin and tall usually enjoy a wide variety of clothing because almost everything looks good on them. The best tuxedo choice for this body type is a jacket with two buttons, three or four buttons also look good with a peaked collar. If you are too lean then you should consider a double-breasted jacket.

A jacket that has padded shoulders would give you broader shoulders and you would not look too lean, avoid padded shoulders if you are already muscular. Flat front trousers look good but they are out of fashion now, so opt for pants with narrow legs, as they make you look longer and amp up your built.

Short and Slim

Do not go for a style that is too large for your body type, as it would simply hang loose on your body. Double-breasted jackets are also no option for you, you can settle on a two or a three-button jacket that is ideal to elongate the short and slim stature. Pleated trousers would be fine, and you can have padded shoulders if you want.

Short and Broad

You need a fit that could make you appear streamlined and slim, and what better it could be than a single-breasted jacket with a shawl collar. Drop broad European styles and choose a jacket that has a natural shoulder line. Black color is perfect for this body type owing to its slimming effect, and a vest would help you distract attention from your waistline that is a bit broad. It should not be loose not tight, just a well fitted trouser and tuxedo.

Tall and Muscular

Such a body demands a good deal of elongation that a one-button jacket and a style that has thinner lapels can do the best. Do not wear anything that looks tight; rather go for a boxy style like the vented pleats in the back, or a shawl collar. Pleated and flat front trousers would look good on you but trousers with narrow legs would suit you the best.

If you choose the pleated trouser, ensure the pleats or the trousers are not tight, or else it would give an uncomfortable experience. Pleats would only give you a thinner appearance if they are not tight and they stay in place when you walk, sit, or bend. A vest is recommended, as it would further elongate your husky physique.

In order to pick a tuxedo that flatters and elongates your physique, you need to have a good understanding of your body type and the types of tuxedos available.


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