A Beginner’s Guide On The Best Eyelash Glue For 2018

The beauty trends keep on changing every year. With the launch of new products, it becomes very difficult to understand which product to choose. Considering that there are different kinds of skin types, it is very important that you should choose the right product. This will help to maintain your skin for a longer time and take care of it as well. The same stands for the best eyelash glue. Here is a beginner’s guide to selection the best eyelash glue for your stunning eyes and attractive eyelashes.

The guide for using eyelashes – a note for beginners

eyelashIf you are using false eyelashes for the first time, it is important that you should first do your research well. Considering the sensitivity of the area where they are going to be used, you would need to use a glue to keep your lashes in place. While choosing eyelash glue, here are a few tips to remember:

  • There are different kinds of glue available in the market based on your skin type. It is recommended to choose the one that will suit your skin. This is important since this way it helps to prevent any kind of irritation.
  • Go through the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to anything. Even the best eyelash extension glue may not be suitable for you if you have any particular allergy. Just in case you do develop one or even feel a little uncomfortable, get it checked with a specialist ASAP.
  • Before you purchase any glue, make sure to check up if you can use it for the brand of lashes that you are going with. There are some products that you cannot use with certain brands, while some have their own recommendations.
  • For a start, practice putting your eyelashes at home until you are sure you have got the hang of it. This will help you to understand how the glue works. With continuous practice, you will get to know how you should place your eyelashes.

The names of the best eyelash glue that have topped the list of 2018

The eyes are known to be the window to a person’s soul and they can speak a lot. For women, the right kind of eye makeup equally holds a lot of importance. While some women have beautiful eyebrows, there are some whose eyelashes may speak volumes. If your eyelashes are not long or if you want to enhance your eye makeup, you can use false eyelashes to give the much needed boost.

Using the best eyelash glue  is a must

When you are using false eyelashes, to make sure that they stay in place, there is special glue that comes in the market. It may take a little time to understand which one is perfect for you, but once you know it, then things become easy. For those who are looking out for the best lash glue, here are some of the best in the market that have topped the list:

Cardani eyelash glue

The first to hit the list of the best eyelash extension glue is the one from Cardani. It is perfect for people whose eye area is very sensitive, since the formula of the glue is free from latex. So far, this has sustained its No. 1 position and for a variety of reasons. This glue is designed to ensure that it does not cause any irritation while holding the eyelashes in place. It also serves the dual purpose of using it to replace your false eyebrows in case you need one.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive

We all know that Revlon beauty products are one of the best in the industry. If you are a Revlon fan, you can surely consider this glue. Not only is the latex free, but it is also water proof. Using a thin brush, you can stick your eyelashes in place easily. Another reason why it is known to be the best eyelash glue is because it dries off easily and blends in even with people who have dark eyelashes. If you want to take it off, all you need to do is use your makeup remover. You can also wash your face just in case you feel you have used too much of the glue.

The Callas Eyelash Adhesive Glue

If you are looking for the best lash glue within a budget, this one is surely worth considering. They will last long and will hold your false eyelashes in place. Even if you are swimming in the water, you can still use them, since they are waterproof and latex free. It is advisable to first use this product and then do your eye makeup. That way, you will get the best results from luxurious, long, and beautiful eyelashes.

Darkness False Eyelashes Glue and Gel

There is a lot that you will get from this glue. Although it takes a little time to dry, but until then, you can easily put your eyelashes in place. You can pull through the entire day without anybody even noticing that you have false eyelashes on you. In comparison to various other eyeglues, this is cheaper, fluorescent, and unscented.

Blink Lash Adhesive Bonding Glue

Do not go with the size of the bottle because even the professionals use this. For the first time, it is advisable to get somebody else to help you out. The strong bonding formula of this glue makes it one of the reasons why it is considered as the best eyelash extension glue. You can have your eyelashes on for 8 weeks without removing them. This will save you a lot of time on sticking your lashes every day. The fast drying formula is another reason why this product is really good. It is suitable for all kinds of skin tones.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

Another name that is worth being in the list of the best eyelash glue in 2017 is the Duo Eyelash. This is perfect for people who have brown or black lashes. It is easy on your skin and water proof as well. It also comes with ingredients like cellulose and rubber latex.

Ardell Lashtite Adhesive

Ardell Lashtite AdhesiveThe next name on the best lash glue in 2017 is the one from Ardell. This waterproof glue lasts for a long time. The long lasting formula of the glue makes it comfortable to use and will secure your lashes in place for at least 6 weeks. Talk about saving money and also cutting down your time, well it seems like this glue will surely do the trick.


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