8 tips for taking care of your precious artwork


Artworks make great adornments but they need to be taken care of. With time, they will start to deteriorate if you don’t take good care of them. Someone put their time and efforts into creating the marvelous piece of art hanging on your wall, it is your duty to ensure that it survives for a long time.

And not to mention, artworks are precious and if you are spending a hefty sum on it, you need to know how to maintain them to ensure that your artwork remains as good as new and survives long enough to be passed on to your children.

Follow these eight tips and your artworks will remain in great condition.

  1. Keep them away from sunlight


You must have noticed that museums and galleries are always dark and the windows are tightly shut. It is because sunlight is the worst enemy of an artwork.

If your pricey artwork is exposed to sunlight, the UV rays will cause it to fade. Managing to keep your artwork away from sunlight is quite a task. The best place to keep your artwork is in a shady area where there is no chance of sunlight touching it.

  1. Don’t let moisture near them

Moisture can ruin a good piece of art as well. It will go bad in no time if you don’t ensure that the moisture level is right for your art piece to remain safe and in good condition. Don’t let the moisture level go above 50 percent.

To keep it away from moisture, don’t hang it near kitchen and bathroom. The two spaces have the worst possible environment for an artwork. The moisture level is high in kitchens and bathrooms which can easily cause a great deal of damage to your expensive artwork.

  1. Don’t forget proper lighting


You need to ensure that there is proper lighting around your art piece. Incandescent lighting works perfectly well with artworks that are low illuminating.  Also, you need to ensure that the light source is at least a meter away from your artwork so that it doesn’t affect it.

  1. Be careful while cleaning

You need to have the right cleaning technique to suit different artworks. If it is framed and covered with glass, simply take your glass cleaner and spray on it. Then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

However, if the surface of the artwork is acrylic, use a dry cloth to dust off the dirt. Avoid bringing moisture near acrylic surfaces. To take better care of it, ask the artist about the cleaning technique.

  1. Avoid displaying artwork in bathroom


It might be a great idea to have a beautiful artwork to go with the interior of the bathroom, but your artwork will not be able to sustain in a bathroom.

The moisture will cause a framed artwork to get moldy and if it not framed, the paper will start getting wrinkly from the edges if it is not framed.

  1. Don’t keep a paper artwork rolled for long

If you are getting a paper artwork, you need to take it out of its tube as soon as possible and think where and how you are going to hang it. Paper artwork needs to be taken out of its tube because the longer you let it sit inside it, the harder it will flatten it.

  1. Hang it properly


You need a proper hook to hang your heavy artwork on a wall. While lighter artworks can be hanged on sticky hooks, you need strong nails for heavy artworks.

If you don’t already have a strong hook or nail on your wall, get it drilled so that you can have a strong support for it. It will benefit you for a long term.

  1. Keep it away from pests

Ensuring that no pests go close to your artwork is a part of taking care ritual. Pests can really damage your artwork and it will be ruined forever.

You need to store or place your artwork in such a place where termites, woodworms, and other pests cannot harm it. Apart from that, check regularly for pest infestation.

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