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7 Most luxurious baby cribs

If you are looking forward to pamper your newly-born with a royal touch, a luxury crib is the answer. Given below are the 8 most luxurious and expensive cribs for your baby.They provide everything you are looking for, from beauty to style to hi-tech stuff. Have a look.

1. Majestic Carriage Crib

The Majestic Carriage Crib is a royal place for your baby to catch up some rest, especially if it’s a baby girl. The crib is built using a tough cedar frame and birch details.It bears a seat of faux leather in the front and can sustain a maximum weight of 25lbs. The box behind serves as a changing table and gives the impression of a luggage rack for the carriage. A round mattress comes as a part of the package.The Carriage crib needs some assembly to be done before it can be put to use.

Price: $19,995.00

2. Foldable crib

This crib is for those who prefer to get up close with nature. Buying this eco-friendly foldable crib might help to imbibe this quality in your baby. Its foldable cot makes this crib a real space-saver and it is comfortable for use both indoors and outdoors. It has a suspension from a beech crafted frame and the bed is made up of soft, yet strong 100% cotton. It is fitted with a tough board which supports the mattress. The crib has handy pockets on the sides for keeping small stuff. A very light and transparent veil is provided with the cot to protect the baby from insects. Since, the crib does not come with any brakes, it is not recommended for babies who cannot pull themselves upright.

Price: $905.472

3. Ultra-luxe cradle

This one is only for the ultra-rich. But if cost is not a concern for you, look no further to make the baby feel like a royal prince or princess. This luxurious crib is the one right out of a fairytale. It comes with a changing table at the back. The crib is built to provide your baby with utmost comfort.

Price: $14,899

4. Modular Baby Crib

This crib from Sirch focuses more on the utility rather than aesthetics. It has been designed for a variety of uses ranging from a toddler’s bed, a rocking bassinet or a crib. Contrary to other high-priced cribs in its class, this crib is modestly priced. This multi-purpose crib is perfect for those who are looking for utility rather than aesthetics for their little one.

Price: $1,060

5. Camelot Crib

This lavish and exquisite heirloom Camelot crib creates quite an environment for your little princess. This crib is one of its kinds with the magnificently hand-crafted, beautifully raised carvings and smooth curves. Its lively, hand painted garden colour gives a feeling like viewing a royal garden.

Price: $3,650.00

6. Suima crib

The crib clearly spells out one word: technology. It has been developed by the Kyuushuu University of Japan, keeping in mind how difficult the job of baby-sitting is. The Suima crib is a fully automatic crib with a remote control. Its robotic controls allow the automatic swinging of the baby bed, ensuring your baby a sound sleep. Such is the sophistication that an inbuilt microphone sensor receives the baby’s cry and the rocking of the crib is controlled accordingly, one sway every 1.8 seconds. Japanese residents can get it on rent for about $ 100 every month.

Price: $5,500

7. Corsican Cinderella Carriage Crib

This Corsican Cinderella carriage crib is simple, yet beautiful. It has been crafted out of iron. The mattress can be arranged in 6 different positions according to the height desired. It has been designed very well to meet the US safety standards. The crib has a non-toxic finish. It does need some assembly before it can be used.

Price: $4,791.00

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