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8 Easy ways to arrange your furniture

Furniture at home

Furniture arrangement is an art in itself. However, not many people are aware of this art. They do not take the arrangement of furniture in their rooms seriously. But the fact is that a room is defined by its furniture arrangement. Furniture arrangement requires meticulous planning. It is not a onetime activity, and the arrangement of furniture in your rooms may have to be altered depending upon the utility of the room in question.

But one may ask why so much thought has to go into arranging furniture in your room. This is because furniture arrangement in a decorative manner yields not only a beautiful home, but it also gives you a sense of achievement, an achievement of having designed your home the way you wanted to do it.

But unlike what most people think, furniture arrangement is a process that requires patience and diligence. It follows the following steps so that we can get an optimum furniture arrangement in our houses. Following are some handy tips for furniture arrangement:

1. Determine what purpose each space occupied by the furniture has: First and foremost, one should determine the purpose of the space that we have at our disposal. This will help us arrange each piece of furniture in the allocated space depending upon the utility of the piece of furniture.

2. Measure the room and write down its dimensions: In any interior designing assignment, this step is the most elementary step to be performed. In any interior design assignment, we first need to measure and draw to scale the space that we have at our disposal to arrange the pieces of furniture that we have with us. This will make it easy to know how much space we have and whether all the furniture that we have will be accommodated in the space available.

3. Make a plan of the room that we have to furnish: Once you have carried out the measurement of the room, draw the plan of the space for arranging the furniture. This will help you decide whether all the pieces of furniture can be fitted in the space that you have.

4. Draw plans of each piece of furniture: This entails drawing a plan of each piece of furniture that we have to arrange in the space provided to us. It need not be very detailed, but it has to be an outline of the furniture in shape and size. This will help us arrange the right piece of furniture in the right place.

5. Consider the traffic flow/spacing guidelines: Segregate the spaces that need 6′-36″ clearance like hallways, any route where two people may pass each other. Also, shortlist the spaces that need 4′-18″ clearance. These include sides of beds, space between sofas and coffee tables, etc. or spaces where only one person has to pass at a time.

6. Draw room floor plan: Here you have to take the floor plan drawn to scale and move the individual pieces of furniture on it trying out many permutations and combinations that will yield the optimum aesthetic result in the form of the design of your room.

This article elaborates the procedure for furniture arrangement that has to be followed for an optimum furniture arrangement in your room.

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