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7 Reasons for Making Your Child Learn a Foreign Language


There is plenty of investment in terms of emotions, time, as well as money that goes into raising a child in the best way possible. As a parent, you need to ensure that your child learns all the right ways of living and fending for themselves before they set out to conquer their place in the real world.

Having said that, learning a new language other than the mother tongue is quite an achievement for any kid. They may not realize the importance of it when they are young, but will definitely appreciate it as they grow older. Below are given a few reasons why urging your kid to learn a new foreign language is definitely going to pay off in the long run.

Communication gets simpler:


The most obvious advantage of having a foreign language at your disposal is that it can make conversing with the locals of that country simpler and much friendlier. Also, they can come to better terms with their way of living and adaptability if ever your child is required to visit the country in the future. People tend to respond better to others who speak their language, and hence your child will be at a big advantage.

Develops open-mindedness:

This aspect is underrated. Nothing else can even match up the advantage the way learning a new language develops and opens your mind. Your child will look at things in a different light when they grow up. They will develop mutual respect for people speaking different languages and will owe you big time to their parents.

Open career opportunistic doors:


If your kid can speak a globally used language well, it opens doors for them that will be a good opportunity career-wise. They will not have to worry about moving places if they are already well-versed with the common tongue of that area. Also, foreign companies prefer employees that can speak their language with ease. Hence, your now grown-up kid will have little trouble landing a job there.

Boosts self-esteem:

Let’s face it. Not many people grow up tri-lingual, and most are bi-lingual. In addition to that, if your kid speaks 4 languages, their performance is already a notch higher than their peers. You never know when a new language can come in handy. This is the best of ways to boost your child’s self-esteem and have them realize that they can be achievers too.

Better academic performance:

Better academic performance

It is scientifically proven that kids who speak more languages develop better lateral thinking and cognitive abilities than most other kids. This is why such students even put up better performances on the academic front too. This is another way of improving and boosting their morale.

Improves inter-cultural understanding:

Speaking a new language makes people understand the culture of that country better. They understand the way of life, and also why things are the way they are in that particular nation. You will improve your kid’s understanding of different cultures by making them learn their language. They may not realize it when they are young but will realize its importance when growing up.

Makes traveling easier and much more fun:

traveling easier

What if your child happens to travel to a new country whose common language he/she can already speak? Wouldn’t it be fun conversing with the locals in their tongue and also being able to talk to whoever they feel like? They will definitely owe you all the fun they have on such a trip. 

Select the language wisely:

When you, as parents, have decided to encourage your child in learning a foreign language, make sure that it is one of the languages that come in handy. You don’t want all efforts to go in vain, which will happen if the language is not widely used. Do a little research before zeroing down on language.

Remember that kids learn well. And quick. Nothing is too difficult or out of the league for them. Make up the most of this added advantage of the fresh mind of childhood, and have your kid work their skills on one or two new languages internationally used. They will definitely be more than just glad, and will also thank you when they grow up.

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