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7- Natural Remedies for Greasy Hair


Living a fast-paced lifestyle comes with its own pros and cons. While most of the things available to you at the drop of a hat and work gets done as quick as yesterday, there are also certain aspects which are highly underrated. Your skin and hair go through a lot each day, given the amount of stress and the pollution they face on a regular basis. This usually results in duller looking skin and lustreless greasy hair.

Here are a few key points and methods that you can adopt in order to get rid of the grease and oil from your hair, and bring back the natural glow to it.

  1. Clean your brush:


Most of the grease-causing agents are present on your hairbrush itself. Remember to clean your hairbrush every week, or more frequently depending on how often you use it, and it will definitely reduce your oiliness and greasiness to a large extent.

  1. Clean your hair accessories:

hair accessories

Not just your hairbrush, every hair accessory that you regularly use must be cleansed more often. Clips, hair ties and hair bands that you use on a daily basis get all coated with the oil from your scalp, and hence must be washed thoroughly and frequently. 

  1. Wash your hair more/less often:

Wash your hair

Dirt causes more oil and grease to settle down on your hair and scalp. It is, therefore, advised that one should wash their hair each day especially if they have an oily scalp. But, on the other hand, scientific evidence has also proved that frequent washing your air can strip it of its natural oils.

Your scalp then produces more oil in order to compensate for the loss, and it ends up making your hair greasier. Find out what suits your hair type better: washing more frequently, or less, and stick to the same washing regime.

  1. Use commercial products meant for oily hair:

commercial products

There are plenty of products in the market that are specifically formulated for oily scalp only. Use them, since they are better designed to address your oiliness and greasiness, and also to nourish and improve the quality of your hair to its best extent. Shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks are all available for oily hair exclusively too, and you can use them as per your convenience.

  1. Egg-yolk hair mask:


Egg yolk contains high levels of protein lecithin and cholesterol. It can be used to restore the damage done to your hair by stress and pollution. Use a hair mask of egg-yolk every week in order to get rid of the greasiness of your hair and scalp. It also imparts shine and luster to dull-looking hair, and also leaves it looking fresher and bouncier than before. 

  1. Condition after shampooing:


This is one step that most people believe is not required, but that is not true. Conditioning after shampooing helps set all the oils in place and ensures that the effects of your oil-shampoo last for long. Also, conditioning gives a better and shinier look to your otherwise oily and greasy hair. Make it a point to condition your hair after every alternate hair wash. This will even help the quality of your hair in the long run. 

  1. Resort to natural means of hair care:

hair care

Regular blow drying your hair can make it loose all its moisture, and make it greasier than before. The same concept applies to hair straighteners and hair dryers. Don’t overdo its usage. Keep it minimum, and only expose your hair to such heat treatments occasionally.

Summing it up:

Having said that, you must remember to carry out these tasks on a regular basis. You expose your hair to the harsh pollution and stress effects each day, and hence it is nothing but understood that you will need to spend a few minutes each day in order to have your recover from it.

Consistency is the key. You cannot expect good results with these methods if you carry them out once in a blue moon and don’t the rest of the time. Relax, de-stress, and unwind before you retire for the night. Give your hair the care they deserve, and you will never have to worry about greasy hair ever again.

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