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8 things you need not buy for your newborn baby


When a baby is born, every parent dreams of giving his or her child only the best. Although it is implied that your child does deserve the best, there is a difference between spending unnecessarily and investing in things that really matter. During the initial stages, children need the attention and support of their parents the most.  Instead of wasting money on new things that can be used only for a short time, you can consider hand-me-downs instead. We have compiled a list of the different things that are not needed for the start.

A changing table


Whether it is changing clothes or diapers, you really do not have to spend money on a separate changing table. Instead of investing money on a diaper-changing table, you can easily convert your dresser into one. For the safety of your child, all you need to do is purchase a changing pad that comes with a built-in safety strap. Another option is to change the diaper on the floor by placing a plastic cloth underneath before putting the changing pad.

The separate laundry detergent

While it may be tempting to invest in a separate laundry detergent specially designed for babies, it is not something that is a must-have. You can speak to your pediatrician to find out detergents that are ideal for baby clothing. Alternatively, you can also choose to get a detergent that is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, dye free, non-toxic as well as eco-friendly.

Stuffed Animals, Videos and Toys


For the start, your child does not really need things like stuffed animals, videos, and toys. Not all these things really matter for a newborn – this is the time where you can bond the most with your child. As much as you think that these things are important for your child, the reality is that there is a time for such things. The more time you spend with your child, the better.

Baby shoes and fancy clothing

Unless your kid is learning how to walk, buying shoes does not really make much sense. If you really want to invest in something, you can invest in a pair of socks since they will help them the most. It is healthier to let your child’s feet develop properly without restrictions such as the shoes. Even wasting money on fancy clothing at the start is not necessary. You can go on a shopping spree for things that will be helpful for your child. For the start, hand-me-downs are a better option given the fact that your child will eventually grow out of the clothing.

A baby bathtub


At the start, investing in a baby bathtub is not important. Instead of using a baby bathtub, you can give your little one a bath in the sink. Your child is not interested in such things, so honestly by investing in a bathtub does not make any sense.

A crib


The days of investing in a separate crib are gone. Today, you can invest in multi-functional furniture that serves the purpose of a crib during the initial stages and then converts into a bed once your child grows up. If you are planning to let your child sleep with you, then it does not make sense investing in a crib as it will just take up too much space.

A walker

The baby walker is not needed and there are many reasons  for this. The first thing is that it is not helpful. As much as it provides a kind of support to your child when he or she is walking, it does have its own flaws. There is nothing better than holding your kids hand and teaching him or her to walk. Secondly, even studies have pointed that there are many chances wherein using a walker can hamper the growth of your child. In some cases, he or she can also end up hurting himself/herself in many ways.

Fancy strollers


Having a stroller does help, but going for a fancy one is not something that is essential. Considering the fact that your child will overgrow it at some point, it is better to borrow one from somebody who is close to you. Investing money on a stroller really does not seem to be a good idea.

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