7 Menswear Inspired Styles Women can Take Cues From

The modern woman is pushing boundaries to include a wider range of style choices in her wardrobe. Channeling her inner dude, this woman has gone ahead to take cues from menswear inspired fashion styles, chalking up outfits that scream for attention. Take a look at some of these styles that will make you look like a girl who loves to dress like a guy without necessarily overdoing it.

  1. Striking the Perfect Balance

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While dressing like a guy has its merits, one should not overdo it and end up looking more masculine than feminine. It is essential that the balance between masculinity and feminine be achieved with each outfit. These examples show how that can be done in an effortless manner.

  1. Couple Formal shirts with Feminine Trousers

Formal shirts with Feminine Trousers

You can choose to wear a menswear inspired shirt (complete with a tie) and couple it with a more feminine trouser in a vibrant color. For instance, a white shirt and grey tie can be coupled with a lemonade yellow colored pants to add more vibrancy to the outfit. Pair it with a belt, a pair of heels and super cool shades to complete the masculine, yet feminine outfit.

  1. Wear Suspenders with Sheer Tops

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Suspenders were strictly relegated to men’s outfits, until now that is. A lot of women have started adopting this trend in their outfits as well. The trick here is to not go for those ultra-bulky suspenders that look like you are wearing overalls. Rather, choose subtle ones that still manage to add depth to your look. Use a sheer top (not too sheer though) and button it down it make it look more feminine. Complete the look with a pair of casual men’s pants to get that masculinity look while not compromising on your feminine angle.

  1. Use Vests to Your Advantage

Use Vests

Have a really cool pair of shirts and trousers that look just a tad bit too masculine? Couple it with a really cool looking vest and you have an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between both styles instantly. No we are not talking about those gaudy vests that will make your outfit look bulkier. Rather, we are focusing on those sleeveless, body hugging ones that stop at the stomach.

  1. Choose Silk Shirts

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A great way to add a feminine touch to a masculine outfit is to opt for a silk shirt. The loose flowing fabric will give that added sheen and softness to your outfit while a pair of formal trousers will lend in the masculine character to it. With silk shirts though, choose subtle fabrics and prints rather than bold, blinding ones. Also opt for full hand shirts as they give that playful vibe to the silk fabric.

  1. Invest in a Pair of Loafer Pumps

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While heels may not work in your favor every time you choose a menswear inspired outfit, a pair of loafer pumps definitely will. These are your typical men’s style loafers that come with block heels for that feminine look.

  1. Team Shirts with Feminine Jackets

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This is another way you can get the perfect combination of masculine and feminine looks in your outfit. While a loose formal shirt offers a masculine look to the outfit, a fitted jacket will do wonders to show out your curves in the most fashionable manner. Team the outfit with classy trousers and pumps, and you have an outfit screaming for attention.

There are myriad ways in which you can choose menswear inspired styles to create your own style statement. These style tips will help you get the perfect dude look without looking too masculine or gaudy in the process.


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