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Misdirection and lies that found place in history

<![CDATA[We seriously can’t think of a person who has never lied in his life, whether it is to hide a deed or to convince a child, we all have lied and continue doing it. So, what’s the big deal? These are the lies that were least expected to be exposed by the plotters.

A gift from the enemy

Image Source : SputnikNews.Com

A very famous incident from the history warns us from underestimating the enemy and taking away a victory trophy without inspecting it. You guessed it right; it is the Trojan horse. The Greeks devised a plan to end the war in their favor. The Greeks made a huge wooden horse and hid soldiers inside it. They bluffed the Trojans by pretending to flee away, the Trojans took the wooden horse inside their premises as a trophy. During night, the soldiers inside the horse crept out and opened the gates for their army. The Greeks took over, terminating the Trojan war.

The fraud of Bernie Madoff

Image Source : IbTimes.Co.Uk

Perhaps he was not satisfied with the respect he had in the financial world. Despite being the former chairman of NASDAQ, Madoff coned thousands of investors. He was the instrument of a Ponzi scheme that duped people of $50 Billion dollars. The brilliance of his plan made his lie succeed for more than a decade. Usually the lie of the Ponzi schemers opens up in a relatively less time, this one survived for a long time.

The Clinton affair

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Probably every literate in the world knows about the former president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. Initially a journalist named Matt Drudge, broke the story, but obvious Clinton denied of the accusations. Clinton tried to convince everyone that this was plot against him and he even lied under oath. To bring out the truth, the lawyers brought out the other affairs of Bill Clinton, revealing that he had a pattern of such behavior.

The Big Lie

The mastermind behind the big lie was none other than Adolf Hitler. Hitler along with his confidants convinced the people of Germany and spread lies against the Jews. His idea was to wipe out the Jews from the planet. The theory behind the big lie was that when a lie is repeated several times, it is regarded as true. We all know about the atrocities the Jews had to face because of the lies spread by Hitler.

Out of the zillions of lies that humans have spread in all corners of the world, these are the selected few.]]>

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