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7 Great winter books for children

One of the necessary parts in child’s development is reading. It helps them to learn new languages, improve there vocabulary, understand the colors, learn the number, know the shapes. It also allows the child to create a sense of bonding with the person with who he is sharing the story. There are many books available in the market specially written for kids. Below are some favorite winter stories books which you can surely let your kid to read and let him enjoy reading or hearing it:

1. The Mitten

By Jan Brett

This book includes a great story of a boy who loses his favorite mitten when he goes out to roam. It includes adventure of the boy while searching for his mitten and the fun that mitten encounters. The mitten later becomes home of many animals and because of which it grows more than its normal size. Find out what happens next in this lovely story.

2. Owl Moon

By Jane Yolen

This book is one of the greatest reading material for children which helps the kids to learn many new things. It views a simple walk as magical event and also shows a feeling when a father takes his daughter out in cold winter night near the farm place where they were staying. The book includes a soft toned poem which focuses on nature and father-daughter relationships. The story shows simplicity and excitement which can surely engage the readers for long.

3. The Snowman

By Raymond Briggs

This classic book will surely delight a child of any age. The picture is more of drawings and is wordless which allows a child imagination to go wild. It also helps in making a conversation with children on what is happening in the picture. Young people can tell the story to somebody else and every time this story book can give a new adventure.

4. Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!

By Bob Barner

Penguins are the one that slide on their stomach and enjoy swimming in the sea. They cuddle for warmness and try to hide in the shade. This story book is all about irresistibly charming animals from climates that enjoy dancing and swimming and stay in winter places which are penguins. The book is written award winning writer and artist Bob Barner who adds on colorful collage images that make this book more interesting, bouncy and informative. It gives a great introduction of penguins. It is a perfect combination of simple text and lots of colorful images that makes the reader more curious to read.

5. Touch the Sky, My Little Bear

By David Bedford

The story is about a mother polar bar and her caring nature towards her children. It is story of curiosity and trust of the child towards his mother. The story is shown in colorful pictures along with simple text. Your child can enjoy reading this book and learn things of generosity out of this book. In this Artic world made by Jane Chapman’s the book shows in a colorful way the love between child and mother. The pictures shown in book are bright and beautiful. The book is all about mamma bear who tells all the things baby bear can do when he becomes a big bear. The story tells about polar bears in a cute way.

6. Bear Snores On

By Karma Wilson

The story is about a sleeping bear that miss out great things in life and does not realize its importance. He is in great sleep from long and party starts in his den. Slowly one by one animal starts entering his den with different wishes. Animals have a fantastic time till the bear wakes up. What happens next when he wakes up and what was the reason because of which he was sleeping for such a long time. To know the secret definitely you must read this book.

7. Under My Hood I Have a Hat

By Karla Kuskin

The story is short and simple and includes differ topics like getting dressed for winter, how stories work with sequencing and daily routines that can keep interest of the children in the book. The book helps in developing vocabulary, narrative and phonological awareness with simple rhyming. It also includes colorful, bold images with different placement of the text that can hold the interest for long. It also includes some short recipes that kids can make and also enjoy making it like hot chocolate, ice-cream. Let your children enjoy reading this book which is all about winter.

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