6 Bizzare facts related to new born baby

Parents start dreaming about their baby and his/her activities right from the pregnancy phase of the mother. They eagerly wait to get the first glimpse of their baby and imagine that they will have a cute little baby. But soon after the birth of the baby, parents start encountering various surprising things about their newborn. If it’s their first child then there are certain things which make parents worried. Handling the situation becomes tough at times for the new mom and dad. Having insufficient knowledge makes them nervous too. Here are some of the bizarre facts about newborn we are unaware of. Don’t get astonished reading these certain facts about your newborn.

1. Big and uneven head of the baby

Don’t get surprised to look at the head size of the baby. Baby body remains filled with water to tolerate any jerk or shock inside the mother’s womb. The head bears a lot of pressure during delivery and may get a little distorted . It can also have some bruises marks on face and head if it is a forcep baby or doctor has used vaccum for the delivery. But after a few weeks of baby’s birth the head and the body comes into it’s right shape. And the baby becomes very cute generally at third month.

2. Blue hands and feet

The baby was in it’s safest place for nine months. he/she was getting warmth there. Soon after the birth and exposure to the new environment the hands and feet of the baby may turn blue and swollen. It may be because of the insufficient blood supply to hands and feet. Blood circulation system is not fully developed in a new born and blood is supplied first to the other major organs and then hands and feet. It takes 2 to 3 months to get fully developed. Don’t get worried and cover them with mittens and socks. The swelling is due the water retention and will be over in a few days.

3. Sleep pattern

A newborn sleeps from 15 to 20 hours in a day, although it differs from child to child. The sleep can be from 20 minutes to 3 hours. And the same cycle continues whether it is day or a night. They have a small stomach so they consume very little amount about 3 Oz. At one go. The baby urinates very frequently and becomes hungry again. You will have to feed your baby on his/her demand. The more you feed your baby the more milk will be sectreted.

4. Size of the sex organs

In many babies the size of sex organs ( in boys the testicles and in girls the labia) may be large. It has nothing to do with genes of the parents rather it is because of the swelling which occurred when the baby underwent lot’s of pressure to come out. You will be surprised to know that even after the birth of the baby some of the mother’s hormones remains circulating in the baby’s body. The swelling becomes normal after 10 to 12 days from the baby’s birth.

5. Eyes are not focussed

Newborn babies have very poor vision. They can see any object from atleast eight inches distance. Sometimes you may get a feeling that the bay is squint. But that’s not so. It’s because the retina and the eye balls are not focussed yet and it takes three months for full development of visionary system.

6. Restlessness in baby

The baby was closely packed in the mother’s womb and had no space to move his/her hands and legs. As soon the baby comes out he/she gets a lot of space to move limbs and hands. The baby undergoes Moro reflex in which he/she feels as if they are falling so by moving head, hands and limbs they try to protect themselves. The brain tries to control the movements but it is not used to it. So, it takes time say about three months.

Being a proud mom of two beautiful children I could tell all this to you. I hope these little information will lower your anxiety level to some extent.

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