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5 Tips for Healing Dry Winter Skin

Tips for Healing Dry Winter Skin

For those who struggle with dry skin, winter is the worst time of the year. As the air outside gets colder, many people find their skin becoming dry, chapped, and cracked – especially delicate skin such as the face or hands. While dry, winter skin can be frustrating, there are plenty of ways to prevent the cold air from drying out your skin, or to repair skin that is exceptionally dry. Keep reading to learn simple yet effective ways to heal your dry skin this winter.

1.  Moisturize After Washing Hands

One of the worst feelings in the winter is having dry, cracked hands that worsen each time they are washed. Washing your hands numerous times throughout the day is often inevitable, but carrying a high quality hand lotion at all times to apply after washing can help keep your hands from getting too dried out. Remembering to apply lotion every single time you wash your hands will help you see a major difference in the dryness of your skin.

2.  Exfoliate

Scrub away dead skin cells and leave skin soft, silky, and ready to absorb moisturizers by exfoliating 1-3 times per week. While there are professional exfoliating treatments available at many medical clinics and spas such as Northwest Surgery Center, many expert estheticians advise that exfoliating in the shower with a store bought or homemade body scrub will do the job.

3.  Find an Unscented Lotion

In the winter, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all of the peppermint and sugar cookie scented lotions available in stores; while it can be tempting to indulge in these products, you should limit your fragrance options to your perfume. When it comes to lotion, you should opt for a thick, unscented product as fragranced lotions can be even more drying, and especially harmful to those with sensitive skin.

4.  Use Overnight Treatments

Especially dry or cracked skin as a result of the cold winter air often requires a treatment that is too intense for the daytime. Applying a thick moisturizer or healing ointment such as Aquaphor in layers before bed can help to heal your skin while you sleep.

5.  Avoid Hot Showers

Nothing is better than taking a hot shower on a cold winter night, however hot water can actually dry your skin out more. Taking a hot shower is one of the worst things you can do for dry skin, so consider switching up your shower routine and opting for lukewarm water as often as possible. This might seem unpleasant, but it will make a drastic difference in the condition of your skin.

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