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3 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Maintaining Healthy Hair

Research shows that nearly 80% of women report feeling less confident overall when their hair is not cooperating. One of the leading causes of frizz, tangles, and other factors that contribute to ruly hair is dryness. Hair can become damaged and dry as a result of frequent heat styling, coloring or bleaching, incorrect brushing and more; and, unfortunately, once hair is damaged, it is difficult to repair it. Treating damaged hair is not as easy as treating skincare issues with treatments from the Institute of Natural Health, but it is possible. Keep reading for a few tips for maintaining healthy hair.

1.  Use a Deep Conditioner

When nourishing damaged hair, sometimes your typical daily conditioner is not enough. Using an ultra hydrating hair mask or deep conditioner can help to repair your hair as these products contain better ingredients and typically need to be left on one’s head for longer; for any period of time ranging from 20 minutes to overnight. This is one of the simplest ways to step up your daily haircare routine in order to care for dry, damaged hair.

2.  Keep Tangles at Bay

Tangled, knotty hair can lead to breakage, which ultimately leads to split ends and hair loss. Keeping your hair thoroughly brushed out will keep tangles from forming and leading to damage. Plus, brushing your hair out before a shower will ensure that your products are able to fully penetrate your strands, leading to maximum benefits. Plus, detangling your hair before conditioning will make it much easier to style clean hair. If you find that your hair is getting tangled frequently or find it difficult to brush out due to your hair’s natural texture, try applying some hydrating oil to your ends before going in with a brush.

3.  Take Vitamins

Sometimes, using topical treatments and products is not enough when it comes to keeping your hair healthy. Taking vitamins such as Biotin or Omega3 can help nourish your hair from the inside out by giving it the minerals it needs to stay healthy. Plus, taking these vitamins can make your hair stronger, leading to less breakage and damage caused by styling. Incorporating these vitamins into your routine once or twice per day (depending on the vitamin) can make all the difference in your hair, without forcing you to change up any part of your normal styling routine.

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