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5 Reasons Why Python is the Best Programming Language for Startups

The idea of having a startup may be appealing at first, but there is a lot of patience and hard work that goes into it. The successful stories of startups also have a dark side. It is not easy to decide the best programming language for your new startup, for there are so many options to choose from. Add to that, having limited resources to run your startup, all these issues combined can make the whole process quite cumbersome. So, it is always beneficial to choose a language that is smooth as well as cost-effective and helps you in the longer run. That said, what works for one business or startup may not work for the other, as not all startups have the same needs. Python is a hugely popular language that attracts the attention of even elementary school goers. Having been in the technology industry for almost thirty years, Python has established itself as a better alternative to other programming languages; slow, high cost of developers, and less secure. Without further ado, let us see the five reasons as to why you should choose Python for your startup.

1. Speed

How boring does it get when you have to wait for something to load. In today’s time, everyone loves and prefers speedy things. A fast and reliable programming language is what any startup would expect. Around 1 million websites currently use Python, for it is smooth and quick. Consisting of prototyping and as well as an instant testing facility, it largely enhances the process of development. The language is very simple and can create an initial product effectively. One can easily develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and test the product without any hassles. Additionally, existing codes can also be put to use by developers to create the same functionality at a much faster rate. As Python does not require a big team to operate as compared to other programming languages, a startup can also save on expenses.

2. User-friendliness

Many users feel that using python is almost like writing in English. Even though it supports complex developments, it is not complicated to use. Working with something that has a poor and unappealing UI is quite a boring and daunting task. Python is widely loved for its user-friendly interface and simplicity. It can also be easily integrated with other tools. What more does one expect from a language? These qualities of the Python language make it appropriate for startups and businesses. For an easily translated website or a document, online document translation services are sure to help.

3. Versatility

Python is everyone’s favorite for a reason. It is extremely versatile and customizable. Python can be used in any situation, whether you require a code that works across devices with different operating systems- macOS, Windows, and Linux. Gaming, web development, and graphic design apps are some areas where this smooth and cost-effective language is widely used. Recently, as the tech industry makes advances in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Python has proven itself to be of great significance and has become one of the essential languages in data science and AI. Furthermore, tweaking and customizing machine learning algorithms is easier with python.

4. Popularity

Python's verstality

At the moment, one of the fastest-growing languages worldwide is python. A dynamic, secure and object-oriented programming language, it is a preferred choice globally. Also, having a large community of supporters, Python ranks as one of the most popular and fastest-growing programming languages in the world. Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, to name a few, all rely on Python for fast and robust development. Besides, there are several renowned and successful startups as well as fast-growing companies that have also shown their dependency on Python.

5. Scalability

One of the key factors for deciding a programming language is scalability. It is imperative for a startup to prioritize a programming language that is quick and provides the much-needed scalability for the company’s growth as well. Python, given the flexibility it provides to its users, is scalable and can easily handle quick changes. Python developers can seamlessly make modifications to a project as per their current or future needs, without any inconvenience.

It is for these reasons that Python is the best programming language out there for startups and businesses. Offering top-level security and features to hide source code from direct viewing, Python has established itself as the language for smart and modern programming enthusiasts, who deeply care about privacy and security. All in all, it is super easy, user-friendly, matches your speed requirement, and is cost-effective. This easy-to-learn language is also open source, which means it is easily accessible, modifiable and can be implemented anywhere you want to, as per your choice. Therefore, Python will be the most suitable choice for anyone looking to launch a startup.

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