5 important tips for parenting elementary aged children

The age from five until nine is the elementary age and in this period, a child undergoes growth and brain development that will affect the rest of his life. So, if you think that you are not doing enough for your elementary aged kid to make this season a very special one, then the following tips will help you to make this period extra special and memorable for your kid:


Be interested in your kid’s life

Showing genuine interest in your kid’s daily life helps in establishing a health relationship between both of you and allows you to understand your kid deeply. No matter how silly they talk or how trivial their interests are, you should never cease to show them your interest in their life. This practice will bring your kid closer to you and helps in forming a strong bond with your child.

Pass your confidence to your child

At this age when they have to perform in school works and in sports, they often begin to doubt their abilities because of lack of confidence. Therefore, whenever you detect such low-confident behavior in your child, then it’s time for you to jump in the situation and share your confidence with them. This will boost their confidence level and in the future, they will always look up to you whenever they doubt themselves.

Talk about values

This is a perfect time to teach your kids about values, which are necessary if you want them to grow into a good human being. For example, it is the right time to teach them why it is important to be kind, fair and honest in their life because values taught at that age inspires them to live by it for the rest of their lives.

Avoid overloading them with too much activities

The multiple school activities and homework can sometimes easily overwhelm your kid and make them feel trapped in a world filled with endless school tasks. So, after helping them with their homework, make sure you always allow them to have enough free playtimes to refresh them mentally and physically. This will prevent them from getting bored of school and will keep them fit and healthy.

Teach personal responsibility

Teaching personal responsibility at this age is very important if you expect them to be a responsible person in the future. You can start the basics by allowing them to do small chores at home or engaging them in other activities like learning music, playing games, singing etc. Monitor their progress in these activities and make sure they know how to take care of their own possessions. These activities will plant a sense of responsibility in their mind and will help them greatly in the future.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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