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5 Cool Baby shower themes for girls

Cool Baby shower themes for girls

Baby shower is the joyous occasion. It’s a beautiful tradition to prepare an expecting girl for her motherhood or celebrate the recent birth by the gifts and sweets for the parents. The word ‘shower’ suggests that the expectant mother is ‘showered’ with gifts. So gifting a baby shower with an innovative and creative theme.

Here are five creative themes for the hosts of the baby shower which will make your shower memorable for the mother and the party guests. So be ready to throw a theme baby shower for your dear ones.

1. Poolside themed baby shower

Poolside theme is really a fun. Choose a beautiful pool. Get the pink beach balls to decorate the pool. Keep the various mock-tails, snacks and cookies to please and treat your guests.. You can even pamper mom-to-be with ‘tummy tarot reading’. Guests can also paint ceramic tiles that later kept on top of a table for the guest of honor; other celebrities will create baby coverlets from squares painted and then pieced by guests. The main idea is let your friends and family help you craft a long lasting memento for this most unforgettable moment in the life of parents!

2. Bun in the oven

This theme will treat your tongue delightfully. Homemade cinnamons rolls and these classic rolls will fill the aroma. This will refresh your guests in the minute they walk through the door and make the mood for the party. Along with these steamy treats, you can line up chilled bottles of milk, having Bun-in-the-Oven tags or a cue that the baby girl en route is ‘Spice, Sugar and Everything Pleasant.” For take-home helps, set up small pies in bakers’ bag, ‘Bun in the Oven’ candles, or custom-taged handbags of foodie coffee beans. This very fantastic theme will keep the party rolling with fun.

3. Sweet baby girl

First get the table linens and cups in the dazzling candy colors. Then wrap the jars cute ribbons and create a cupcake tower with colorful, various and a lots of treats and your set up of the candy buffet is ready. Get the book for the guests so they can write their sweet wishes in the book for the parents. Use your computer or make the big creative note of ‘SWEET BABY GIRL’ with glitter, and different colors and hang over the table linens. Decorate your table with artistic way. Put the candy topiaries on the table; over sized and old fashioned lollipops make perfect décor for the backdrops for mark your gift, food and signing stations. Make a cute little bag for each guest to take it at home so they can savor the sweetness later.

4. Bling theme

Welcome the little princess with the bling theme with a dazzling style for mummy-to-be. Amaze your guests with tables arranged in shiny, luxe cloths and rhinestone-studded invites. Cover your flower vases in pretty gift paper, and then glue rhinestones to the accents. Hang up gathers of pearliest balloons in shade of pink. Bling up a few pretty ribbons to cover around cake or cupcake tower layers, then top off your confection with a gleaming mini crown. Thrift some glossy, chunky necklaces to cover around pastel pillar candles. Lastly, gift your guests with a pretty ‘Choice Crystal’ favors or diamond-shaped paperweight.

5. Zebra theme

Start the zebra theme party with some blue-black, white-black, yellow-black and pink-black stationary. Give the hot pink feather boas punch and string with orange and white paper lamps or flowers of tissue papers. Get a zebra stripped cake from the bakery. Set up of the bottles of orange and pink Lorina with the glittery lemonade and tie them off with the fancy ribbons. Try to get some zebra ribbons from the store. You can also give appropriate jungle touch to the party. And last but not least, top off the table with gifts and gorgeous posh zebra!

So these are the fun themes for the baby shower party to make the shower exceptional. With these you will enjoy the fun afternoon with your friends.

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