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15 Most Beautiful Places in the World

1. The Inca City of Machu Picchu Country: Peru Place: Near Cuzco

2. The Iguazu Waterfalls

Country: Argentina, Brazil Place: Borders between the two countries

3. The Great Wall of China

  Country: China Place: North-East of the Country, along Inner Mongolia

4. The Victoria Waterfalls

  Country: Zimbabwe, Zambia Place: Border between the two countries

5. The Niagara Waterfalls

  Country: Canada Place: Niagara, near Toronto

6. Fjords and the Preikestolen Cliff

  Country: Norway Place: West of the Country

7. The Blue Masjid in Front of Hagia Sofia

  Country: Turkey Place: Istanbul

8. The Potala: Dalai-lama’s Palace

Country: China/Tibet Place: Lhassa

9. The Yellowstone National Park

  Country: United States of America Place: North-West of the Country, Wyoming state

10. The Colorful Waters of the Jiuzhaigou River

  Country: China Place: In the middle of the Country

11. The Canaima Park and the Salto Angel Waterfalls

  Country: Venezuela Place: East of the Country

12. The Plitvice park and its Waterfalls

  Country: Croatia Place: North of Gospic

13. The Neuschwanstein Castle

  Country: Germany Place: Near the border with Austria and south of Munich

14. The Burj al Arab Hotel

  Country: The United Arab Emirates Place: Dubai

15. Sigiriya

  Country: Sri Lanka Place: In the middle of the Country]]>

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