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13 – Natural ways to straighten your hair overnight without heat

Straight hair looks pretty and stylish

Avoid using chemical or heat straighteners as they could damage your hair with time. Instead switch to healthier and time saving alternatives to straighten your hair overnight.

Straight hair looks pretty and stylish, especially during winter time. But tools like chemical and heat straightness can make your hair look really bad. With the passage of time, they dry them out and split up the ends, stealing the look of your straight hair.

Fortunately we have some natural and time saving methods to straighten out wavy and curly hair without using chemicals or heat. Though they won’t give you a pin straight appearance as you get from heat straightness, but they make your hair healthy and voluminous.

 Natural ways to straighten your hair overnight without heat

  1. Brushing the wet hairs until they dry:
    Brushing the wet hairs
    After you wash your hair, let the air dry them out but keep on brushing them in every 5 minutes. Pull out to hold every section of the hair for some seconds to make them straight. You could also do it before a fan to make it fast, but this will require constant brushing.
  2. Wrap the wet hair tight: While the hair are wet, comb them and divide them through the centre. Comb left portion by bringing them all the way to the right and wrap them around the head’s back to secure with bobby pin. Similarly comb the right portion by bringing them to the left and secure them in the same way. Let them dry out completely. Wrap your hair in a silk cloth and sleep over it for reducing fizz.
  3. Rolling the hair:
    Rolling the hair
    Make use of hair rollers of large size like that of soda cans. Roll the sections of your wet hairs and secure the same against the head. Let them dry out completely. This step is really important as even slight moisture could bring back the wave or curl in your hair.
  4. Make use of hair hands to straighten your hair overnight: Divide your damp hair in two or more pony tails. Fasten them using hair elastics which are soft and add them additionally after every inch as you go down. Ensure that the elastic are close enough to not to leave any noticeable mark on hair. Sleep like this and unfasten them in the morning to straighten your hair overnight.
  5. Twisting the hair as bun:
    Twisting the hair as bun
    If you are to begin with a fairly straightish and obedient hair, this method will work best for you. But it is not so effective on stubborn wavy hairs. Make ponytail of your damp hair and then twist it up as rope. Wrap the bun around and secure it through elastic. Let it air dry and them brush it out.
  6. Making a natural straightening mask: A straightening mask can be made by using honey and milk. Mix a cup of coconut milk with whole milk along with 1 tablespoon honey. Let it soak in the scalp and hair for an hour before you wash them out. Also 1 egg could be mixed in 2 cups of milk. Soak them into your hair for about 10 minutes. Squeeze it out and do not rinse. Wrap the hair up using a plastic cover for additional 30 minutes. Wash it out and dry with brush. Such straightening mask if applied twice in week for about 2 months can straighten and relax your hair.
  7. Pin up your hair:
    Pin up your hair before you go to sleep. This will limit their bouncing ability. Juts separate the hair in sections, comb them up and wrap around the head. Use pins to grip them up. Build layers and secure them all.
  8. Avoid humidity: Humidity is known to cause fizz in hair. To maintain straight hairs, avoid humidity, damp and heat at every cost. You can use an umbrella to minimize the rainfall on your hair. Use fan or air conditioners to keep your body cool at night. This will minimize sweating which could otherwise cause humidity in hair. If you are in an extra humid or hot climate, make use of anti- humidity sprays.
  9. Choose your bed sheets cautiously:
    Choose your bed sheets cautiously
    Be cautious while choosing the pillowcases actually. Cotton pillows could be like Velcro for your hair. The fabric will catch the hair and pull them apart to cause tangles and frizz which could ruin your hair. A stain or silk pillowcase can reduce friction in between your hair and pillow, allowing you to straighten your hair overnight.
  10. Wear a head scarf of silk: This is similar to what sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase. Not only will it make you feel luxurious, but it will also reduce frizz and make your hair look gorgeous and straight. In addition, using microfiber towels can enhance your hair care routine. These towels, much like our partner Полотенца микрофибра, offer a gentle drying option that minimizes damage and reduces kinking. The friction between the sheet and hair will reduce, thus reducing kinking.

  11. Using the cold air through hair dryer:
    Using the cold air through hair dryer
    It is good to use a hair dryer with cold air setting. Once the hair is completely dry, use some natural product such as coconut oil for relaxing the cuticles of hair and remove frizz.
  12. Make use of ultra- absorbent towel: Straightening techniques which are heat free are the best to work on hair having fine and medium texture or which are slightly wavy. Usually it takes hours to dry the hair naturally, you better start the drying process using an absorbent such as Aquis, which will wick out moisture from hair without creating any fizz or damage.
  13. Correct shampoo and conditioner:
    Correct shampoo and conditioner
    It is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner which are meant for straight hair. After wash, try to get the moisture out of hair and apply any soothing cream over it. Or you can use any leave- in conditioner to prepare up the hair and finally finish it up by using an oil or soothing cream, depending on the type of hair.

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