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A Men’s Guide to Selecting Killer First Date Night Outfit


With the fashion industry focusing primarily on women, style in men has become pretty much underrated. However, that doesn’t make it any the less important.  A good dressing sense not only leave a better impression, but it could also give you the confidence boost you might desperately need for a first date. A killer first date night outfit might be all it needs for you to make things happen the way you want to.

Looks matter

No matter what they say, looks do matter and they matter especially more when you are going on a date. The first thing your prospective partner is going to notice about you is the clothes that you are wearing and it can make or break things for you. The way you dress doesn’t merely showcase your style, but it represents your personality. The clothes you wear are a representation of who you are as a person and for that reason, it is important that you think twice before putting on an outfit for your date.

12 Tips for Selecting Killer First Date Night Outfits

  1. Select the right fit


Any outfit will look ten times better if fits you correctly. An outfit as basic as t-shirt and jeans can make you look attractive if you are wearing the right fit. Wearing baggy clothes might make you feel comfortable but it is a big fashion no-no. Your style will go up a notch just by wearing right fitted clothes.

  1. Don’t wear jewelry

Deciding to wear jewelry on top of your first date night outfit is a risk too big to take. Wearing jewelry can make you seem a tacky or an attention-seeker. To stay on the safe side, avoid jewelry on your first date and save it for later.

  1. Avoid clothing pieces with logos


Wearing shirts or other clothes with a logo on them is a bad idea for a first date. It might send the wrong idea about you and you might end up making a joke about yourself.

  1. Prefer a shirt over a T-shirt

Survey says, about 60.2% of women preferred to see their dates clad in a shirt rather than a t-shirt. By wearing a shirt you are emphasizing that you put some effort into your outfit, while a t-shirt denotes casualness.

  1. Colors matter alot


The color of your outfit is an important aspect that you should not overlook. Wearing a black monochrome outfit can make you look gloomy and sulky. Neutral colors can make you appear dull. Don’t shy away from colors and pick a solid color that compliments you well.

  1. Don’t forget the shoes

People can judge you even by your shoes, which means that you need to go the extra mile to pay heed to your shoes if you want bonus points. Avoid wearing shoes that are too dressy for the event like formal shoes, go for something casual.

  1. Focus on every little detail


You might think that your date will probably overlook the tiny details about you, but you are so wrong. Check whether the cuffs of your sleeves, socks, collars, and other such things are clean. It is important to be careful about these things while selecting your first date night outfit, as one tends to perceive your looks more intensely when she first sees you.

  1. Don’t wear a very strong scent

Nobody likes to be with someone who is wearing an overpoweringly nauseating scent. While it is important to smell good, you need to ensure that you don’t bathe in perfume. A mild fragrance near your neck and under your shirt is fine.

  1. Go for a decent wallet


While men take it as their responsibility to pay on the first date, but you might lose if your wallet is sporting a huge offensive logo on it. A decent black or brown wallet would be a safe choice to go with.

  1. Make an effort

The idea that your date should like you for who you are is absolutely right but where first impressions are concerned, they are made before you even open your mouth. And that makes it important to put some effort into your first date night outfit so that your date delights in knowing you put efforts to the first date.

  1. Be fresh and clean


Hygiene is something that is extremely important and it can put your date off if you ignore it. Your date will never see you again if you are unhygienic. Make sure that your nails are cut and clean. The same applies to clothes too.

  1. Be confident

No matter how grand first date night outfit you wear, it won’t create any good impression if you don’t feel confident in it. Confidence is the cherry on top of a great outfit. You might be looking your best but if you are not confident about yourself, you might not be able to fare well on your first date. You are nervous but so is she; relax and try to have a good time. Your confidence will attract her like a moth to a flame.

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