12 – Best smartphones apps for new mothers

Gone are the days when you must rely on your mothers and grandmothers for extra baby care advice. You are a new age mother, and you always want to give the best to your baby. These days, new parents stay away from family due to work commitments. So, regular contact over phone or video call is not always possible. Hence, apps for new mothers are the best solution to take good care of babies.

The first thing you must know that no new parents are perfect. All parents learn from their mistakes. Trial and Run becomes life’s part. So, do not panic on what people are saying. Parenthood is a phase to enjoy and not to take the stress. As new parents, you must be emotionally strong and healthy to take good care of your newborn.

So, here are the best apps for new mothers:

1.     Baby Today Daily Calendar and My Pregnancy

Baby Today Daily Calendar and My PregnancyIt is a popular website between expectant parent. You can keep track of your due date, you can understand what you need to expect on each week of your pregnancy, and even during contractions. When the baby arrives, the app becomes your parenting guide, and help you through your first year of pregnancy.

2.     Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3GIt is a specialized tool to take care of your baby. You can monitor through your tablet, PC and phone. You can hear the noise of your baby, also you can watch live video and check the child’s activity on time. This app is useful for working mothers, and you can stay connected with your baby at any time.

3.     Baby Feed Timer

baby feed timerIt is an app, which takes away your pain to control baby’s feed time. It will keep you notify when you need to feed your baby. Also, you can check your baby’s progress and check out all the latest trends. Overall, babies under 12 months will get effective help from this app.

4.     My Baby’s Beat

My Baby’s BeatHearing your baby’s heartbeat is the most precious thing for a mother. Now, this app helps you hear the heartbeat of your baby. When your baby is in the uterus, you can hear the heartbeat. Also, you can record the heartbeat via iPhone microphone and then share with others. You can use it during the last phase of pregnancy, and it will be satisfying.

5.     Sound Sleeper

Sound SleeperIt is a white noise machine that will give high-quality sound so that the baby can go to sleep. Whenever your baby cries, it will automatically play a soft sound to ease baby and put the baby back to sleep. You can track the sleeping pattern of your baby and come to know how to progress in the development of a baby.

6.     Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby SleepIt is a free solution app, which is much simpler. It has six different noises like womb noises, vacuum cleaner, running water, clothes dryer, fan, and hairdryer. In the matter of start and stop, you can help your baby to sleep well. It is one of the best apps for new mothers.

7.     Baby’s Firsts

Baby’s Firsts appDo you want to capture baby development? Then, it is not a right kind of app for you. It is authentic, reliable and helpful for all the expectant parents. You can even capture the best moments of your baby and cherish all through your life. It is an amazing app for new parents.

8.     HiMama Parent

HiMama ParentIt has a massive sharing feature, and you can receive real-time video and photo updates from our caregiver. If you are at work, then you do not have to miss your baby’s actions. With this app, you can keep a track to know how your child is doing every day.

9.     Baby Connect

Baby ConnectIt is an app where you can connect everything. You can check nursing, pumping, feeding time, naps, diaper change, baby’s mood for babies under 12 months. It has a sync feature, which helps you share the moments with your spouse, nannies, and babysitters. You can check the baby’s progress on time.

10.     Baby’s Playful Hands

Baby’s Playful HandsYour baby will play with mobile phones. It is quite natural. So, this app is effective for babies. When your baby touches the screen, it will flash with colorful items like stars, and music instrumental will play. It will attract the kids to play.

11.    Total Baby

total babyThrough this app, you can take care of the newborn. You can keep track of the hours of sleep, feeding time, immunizations, doctor visits and bath times. The app works in four-way process. With the help of the smart interface, it will record the child’s care. Secondly, it will provide features like timeline, built-in summary, and all other interactive charts to track down the schedule, count baby development, and daily routine. Thirdly, it automatically takes all the back-ups of the data in the cloud. Lastly, you can invite other family members to track the child’s activities.

12.     NuuNest

NuuNestImage Souce :

It is one of the best apps for new mothers where you will get links of books and various studies to match the facts and get assurance. You can record baby’s weight, breastfeeding session. You can click on the app for more tips and advice.

Final Words

Now, new mothers do not have to sacrifice their jobs to become hands-on moms. With the help of these apps for new mothers, you can keep a good track of your babies. All the apps are user-friendly, helpful and informative. You can easily operate the app, and there is no problem. All you need is to understand and operate the app nicely. You need to install the app on your Android or iOS device and you are set for the day and night. Now, there is no more chance of missing your baby’s care.


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