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10 Weird symptoms during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great experience. You may come across different types of changes in your body and some of them may affect you mentally. You can figure out that you are pregnant by looking for some of the common symptoms that you may hear your mother or friends talking about. At the same time, there are some symptoms that seem to be weird and strange. Most of them may not be a cause for serious worry and it is better to know about them so that you can be well prepared to deal with them. Read on to find out 10 weird pregnancy symptoms. Here they are:

1. Hair Growth

Long and thick hair looks good on your head. But imagine if you have developed them on other areas like legs, upper lip, chin, back and around the nipples. They may look odd, but there is nothing to worry because they are some weird symptoms of pregnancy.

2. Flatulence

Flatulence is also a symptom during pregnancy. It can crop up any moment without any notice and at times cause a lot of embarrassment to you such as when you are in an elevator trapped with a group of strangers or your boss.

3. Dark and blotchy patches

Some of the pregnant women have dark and blotchy patches all over the body like the nipples, belly and face etc. You may appear to have gone through an accident with a self-tanner. There is nothing to worry because all these spots will disappear after the birth of the baby.

4. Excessive sweat

Sweating is normal. But excessive sweating is something weird especially when you are pregnant. You may keep sweating a lot more than you do when you were not pregnant. You will sweat all over in your armpits and below your new bouncy boobs too. Everything will be normal. Wait until you give birth.

5. Constipation

Sometimes, pregnancy can make you constipated. It is however not a common symptom. You may feel the need to do your business in the bathroom but you may often be unsuccessful. It can create a lot of discomfort. So, speak to your doctor immediately and take the necessary help. She may help you with some supplements to take care of your problem.

6. Stuffy nose

Stuffy nose can be really irritating especially when you are pregnant. Stuffy nose is there every time even if you are not affected by mood swings. You may feel as if your nose is stuffed all the time. So, do not worry about this because it will disappear slowly. Just ignore it and stay cool.

7. Uncomfortability

Pregnancy is a ‘pain in the butt’ for some women. If you are not feeling comfortable speak to your doctor. The truth is that you should not be taking any medications without the knowledge of your doctor because it can affect your baby. So, just relax.

8. Colustrum

Sometimes your boobs may begin to ooze out a yellowish fluid called colustrum in the last few months of your pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about. The colostrum is the liquid that comes out first from the boobs after giving birth. It is known to be very nutritious for the baby. However, what is weird is that it oozes before pregnancy. Use your nursing pads to deal with it.

9. Hate maternity clothes

Remember your shopping spree for buying all those maternity clothes? You were so eager to buy them and could not wait to wear them. But after some months you may start hating these clothes. And the fact is that you will have to wear them for some more time even after the birth of your baby.

10. Hot flashes

Hot flashes are annoying and irritating. You may feel very hot always. The best thing to do is to remain indoors in a cool area. See that the rooms are well ventilated so that you get fresh air.

These are some of the weird symptoms you may experience during pregnancy. There can be many more and most of them will fade away after giving birth. If you feel anything uncontrollable you have to visit your doctor and find a solution to your problem. Sometimes, you can use some simple home remedies for getting rid of certain symptoms like flatulence, constipation and hot flashes etc. Remember not to take any medications without consulting your doctor.

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